Any Hot Drinks – 3223

Any Hot Drinks – 3223 – EP Review Here’s a lil’ something different for ya! Intentionally different too for that matter…I’m not just saying that in some kind of awkward way to get around the fact that Any Hot Drinks ain’t exactly what you’d find on the surface of the mainstream.  These dudes are settin’ […]Read More

SBS Podcast 153

Hellz yeah we got a versatile set-list for a vibrant summer up in here!  Come get your dose of independent awesomeness on this episode of the SBS Podcast – we’ll be spinning music from Jared Mancuso, Jaydii, Hochen, Moron Police, Carl Anderson, and LoFi Chill along the way, in addition to learning about the latest […]Read More

Any Hot Drinks – “Truncheon Meat”

Any Hot Drinks – “Truncheon Meat” – Single Review “Truncheon Meat,” you say!  Hellz yeah.  Now that right there is one seriously killer title. Alright…so…titles aside…here’s what I can tell ya.  When it comes to what a song is/isn’t about, there’s never going to be someone out there that knows more about what that really […]Read More