SBS Podcast 092

Another audio odyssey deep into the independent music-scene! Join us as we explore tunes from all over the globe in all kinds of styles & sounds, featuring music by: Pete Gustard, School Friends, Annalisa, Silent Gnomes, Chasing Jonah, Paul The Trombonist, Evoletah, a double-shot of the past & present from Lola de Hanna, and we’ll […]Read More

Annalisa – “Skywaves”

Annalisa – “Skywaves” – Single Review Watch out for this one…Annalisa has got the goods. As I’m sure I’ve commented here on the pages many times, one of the best things about being a music-review/journalism-dude is the ability to listen to the future of music before it even arrives.  I’m privileged to listen to amazing […]Read More