Annalisa – “Skywaves”

 Annalisa – “Skywaves”

Annalisa – “Skywaves” – Single Review

Watch out for this one…Annalisa has got the goods.

As I’m sure I’ve commented here on the pages many times, one of the best things about being a music-review/journalism-dude is the ability to listen to the future of music before it even arrives.  I’m privileged to listen to amazing new artists & bands of all-kinds…some better than others of course, some with that rare quality or two that can separate themselves from the rest…

…and then there are an even rarer few where you can hear from a single first impression have that unique combination of talent, execution, technique, and passion that it takes to succeed.  Not just like, in music, but like, in anything…there are some voices and sounds you’ll find occasionally that seem like they could conquer the world confidently on their own – and Annalisa is without question, one of them.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say she’s one of the most exciting voices I’ve heard in 2018 with no hesitation.

To the point where I had to look online to see – is Annalisa new?  How have I not heard her by now?  How has this talent not gotten her shot at the big-time yet?  So many questions…few answers.  I can see that she’s been releasing music for at least about eight years or so online…I know she’s got a new album coming just around the corner in 2019 called The Longing – but what I can’t find…is whatever the heck has been keeping this incredible singer from stepping full-on into the spotlight where she deserves to be!  No joke…you record executives & suits’n’ties out there in the industry that comb these pages over to find out who might be the next big thing – I’m tellin’ ya, I’d sign Annalisa tomorrow if I had a label.

This lady sings with astounding instincts.  I’m not even arguing that she gets 100% out of herself on “Skywaves” – I’d put it up there confidently with the best of the best, but there’s a couple of moves she makes that are right on the fence and walk a fine line between what people will & won’t accept tone-wise.  That being said, the majority of this song is more than spot-on, it’s spectacular – and it shows that Annalisa has all the right technique to literally leave people breathless with the artistic style & power she puts into her vocals.  Not only does she hit tremendous notes & heights as she sings, but truly – LISTEN to the slick performance and genuine style she has…the technique in HOW she sings and that incredible mix of tones that have the epic blend of franticness & fragility of the ever-artistic Fiona Apple with all the bold, raw emotion, gigantic memorable moments, and grace of an artist like Ellie Goulding.  With the sheer range between those two performers spread so far apart – it’s clear that, not only is there a ton of possibilities for where Annalisa can take her own music in the future, but that there’s also a perfect spot for her to fill right in the most accessible point in between.

Very impressed without a doubt – “Skywaves” is one seriously powerful, emotional, and thought-provoking experience that I’m not about to forget anytime soon.  Letting Annalisa do what she does naturally is going to lead her into extraordinary moments in music that we couldn’t possibly imagine on our own…she’s got that vibrantly natural mix of creativity & courage that it takes to make magic happen on the microphone & create songs that will speak right to the core of our souls.  Lyrics are powerful – the way she sings them gives them even more weight & impact; the dark mysterious melancholy in the melodic & moody vibe has a brilliant contrast of emotions that are absolutely gripping to listen to.  The piano is perfection, the beat is tight, the lead-electric makes an essential contribution – the music on “Skywaves” is without a doubt, right on target in all areas…but when it comes right down to what the real ingredient is that makes this song single-worthy – it’s because the star remains the star.  Loved the way this song breaks down so immaculately and how it climbs back into those main hooks one last time before the end.  Both in the background and the lead vocals, Annalisa can’t seem to help but be anything less than downright superhuman…and I have every reason to believe that she’s capable of even more amazing things in the future based on the sheer strengths in everything I’ve heard here on “Skywaves.”  This exceptional singer has definitely made an undeniably bold impression with just how professional, skilled, charismatic & enticing she sounds on this song…& I’m betting on even bigger things to come.  Annalisa is going to seriously wow us in this lifetime ladies & gentlemen…you mark my words.

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