SBS Podcast 025

I take on your questions once again!  Heavier mix of music in the lineup – check out songs from Against Time, Fey, The Liquid C, Vaulty, Violet Cold, Amarelle, Paragon Theorem, Shobocon and Throttlecaster & learn about the music of Omar Bowing and hear the new single “Sonus Republic.”   Your official lineup of songs […]Read More

SBS Podcast 004

I clearly need my old co-host back just to keep me on some sort of schedule! It’s been far too long! And full-disclosure…I’ve had this one recorded for a while now…just too sick to function and get it out there lately! I mean…look at the cover of this episode…I’m down to skin & bones! Featuring […]Read More

Amarelle – “Never There”

Amarelle – “Never There” – Single Review If you were to only judge Amarelle from the brutal, cutting sounds of their new-single “Never There” – you’d think there wasn’t a friendly bone in any of the bodies that make up this dynamic three-piece.  The New York-based band has just released a full-album of demo-songs – […]Read More