Against Time – Slow Burn

Against Time – Slow Burn – EP Review After all, it IS Canada Day…suppose I should post a review about something out there in the ol’ Canadian music-scene…seeing that Ottawa-based heavy-rock band Against Time was on my list of stuff to check out made it a natural choice to be today’s celebratory review.  They’ve got […]Read More

SBS Podcast 025

I take on your questions once again!  Heavier mix of music in the lineup – check out songs from Against Time, Fey, The Liquid C, Vaulty, Violet Cold, Amarelle, Paragon Theorem, Shobocon and Throttlecaster & learn about the music of Omar Bowing and hear the new single “Sonus Republic.”   Your official lineup of songs […]Read More

Against Time – Against Time

Against Time – Against Time – EP Review Heavy rock-band from Ottawa, Against Time makes a punishing mix of sludgy guitars, bass & drums – the meat & potatoes to go with the vocals – much like the inventive title to the new EP, this isn’t a band here to build themselves on flash & […]Read More