0222 – Abandon Paris (Live @ Studio 2016) Album II

You know how we do it here!  We’re always out in the crowd somewhere – and in 2016 at the beginning of the year, we were at Studio in Vancouver checking out Abandon Paris hit the stage LIVE!  They’re a rare entity out there in the scene these days, but they do in fact still […]Read More

Marc Gladstone of Prism

SBS Covid Relief Interview with Marc Gladstone of Prism/Stone Poets/HEAD/Abandon Paris SBS:  Let’s make sure we’ve got everyone on the same page – who are ya?  How long have you been doin’ this music thang and what’s the story behind it all?  What separates you apart from the rest? Marc Gladstone:  Out on the road […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 101

If you didn’t make it out there to a concert this weekend yet, we’ve got ya covered! Step back in time a couple years and check out a set from Abandon Paris at Studio in Vancouver from 2016 before fast-forwarding into the present-day to check out a brand-new video from our artist in the spotlight […]Read More

0206 – Abandon Paris (Live @ Studio 2016)

Vancouver’s own band of fusion-sound and pure energy, Abandon Paris makes their own special brand of Rock/Pop/Reggae & much more.  Always a wild live show to check out with spectacular vocalists and killer players made up from veterans of the local-scene – take a look at some visual proof of that by taking a gander […]Read More

SBS Podcast 053

Back with more tracks to heat up your summer – you knew we couldn’t stay away for long! Join us on another sonic adventure with music from Abandon Paris, One Girl Symphony, Sun.Set.Ships, EMPRA, School Friends, The Yellow Dress, Josh Christina, Aminita Satori – and a spotlight on the music of Armonite with a double-shot […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 061

SBS Live This Week returns with a new chapter in the series, wrapping-up the first five years of sleepingbagstudios history by unleashing the LIVE ARCHIVES from our vault of awesomeness. For better or for worse – we were there, out there in the crowd shoulder-to-shoulder with you watching some amazing artists & bands over the […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 002

The second half of our re-cut interview with Laura Kelsey! Through video guest appearance – we’ll also see footage from our recent event here at the studio for the Everyday TV Music shoot from Trev Conkey, a brand new video from our local pop/rock/reggae boys Abandon Paris and a special dedicated video from Kristi Sayles […]Read More