January Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Awwwww independent music-scene, you’re so good at keeping a secret it makes us blush. With a grand-total of zero subscribers so far & counting to-date, you’re doing your part to help keep your music hidden away from the world – congrats! Also, sarcasm is still a thing we’re featuring here, in addition to your music […]Read More

SBS Podcast 098

Supreme audio entertainment for your ears without using a single word!  Come check out a lineup full of incredible instrumental artists & bands currently thriving in the independent scene like Blue Soul Ten, Armonite, Ception Of Ty, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Aminita Satori, Glenn Murawski, and 10 Waves Of You.  We’ll also be checking out one of […]Read More

10 Waves Of You – Sail

10 Waves Of You – Sail – EP Review Have you been taking my advice?  Hopefully all these words I write aren’t continually falling upon deaf ears!  If you have been – then you are already familiar with the name 10 Waves Of You from the last time we reviewed this one-man DIY post-rock band […]Read More

10 Waves Of You – Fields Of Venus

10 Waves Of You – Fields Of Venus – Album Review Here’s an artist with a method and approach you can certainly respect. The mind behind the music of 10 Waves Of You is Luca Crivellaro and the goal was an ambitious task; to be the creator of his music in entirety…to not have to […]Read More