Southernayers – “Slumber”

 Southernayers – “Slumber”

Southernayers – “Slumber” – Single Review

I’m always a bit confused on how to approach reviewing a song that I’m every bit as curious about how other people out there would hear it…or if they’d feel just as strongly attached to it as I certainly am.  Because right now, I’m pretty convinced that I’ve got one of the best singles of 2019 flowing through my stereo speakers with this new cut called “Slumber” from the Southernayers album While We Were Here.

Pour me a glass, because I’m absolutely drinking this Kool-aid.

What the duo of Kaylee Ayers and Mick Southerland have achieved with their music is more than just a clever collage of their last-names – they’ve really tapped into a magic here that’s entirely apparent to me; “Slumber” has that exact mix of indie magic…that blissful combination of sincerity, heart, emotion, and melody capable of creating monumentally memorable moments in our lives.  Between the two of them, they’re somewhere in between the worlds of sound created by The Killers and The Arcade Fire – as in, there’s no doubt that it’s catchy…even flashy at times with its electro-beat influence on the sound – BUT…it’s also incredibly down-to-earth, remarkably relatable…and real.  A song like “Slumber” quickly moves beyond a mere listening into a sensory experience that speaks straight to the soul…this is music you feel, no doubt about it.  And what makes it that way…aside from their 100% stellar songwriting…is that you can hear how locked right into this moment both Mick and Kaylee are.  When people out there talk about ‘giving yourself’ to a performance – this is the sound of what’s that’s truly like to hear; the tangible emotion that pumps the heartbeat & hooks of this melody is nothing short of extraordinary.

Credit to Mick – his approach to the mic is outstandingly authentic…this is a man with his own sound.

Credit to Kaylee – because she absolutely sounds like ‘the rock’ and the unsung hero of this tune, laying down essential harmonies in the background that both sweeten & strengthen the uniqueness that Mick brings to the lead…she makes this alien-presence he’s got goin’ on somehow more human & real for us.

Credit to the Southernayers – combined, together…because ultimately, it’s the two of them unified that create such a compelling & catchy song in “Slumber” you shouldn’t dare be caught sleepin’ on this year.  For the ears upon my own head, music doesn’t get much more captivating or fascinating than “Slumber” – I’m so truly impressed with the stunning level of execution on this song and the songwriting itself, that I’m genuinely lost for words.  And you all know me…that’s not ever a problem on these pages of ours.

Hooks in the music?  They’ve got’em sparkling & shining everywhere.  Hooks in the vocals?  Downright incomparible – the Southernayers have got me beyond stoked & excited about what else we might find on their new album While We Were Here.  If “Slumber” is any kind of indication of what we’ll hear on their record, they’re truly about to blow us all away with a whole series of breathtaking songs and material that’s really gonna hold up.  Everything about “Slumber” is as bulletproof as songwriting and performances get…there’s undeniably something remarkably special starting up between these two – you couldn’t possibly listen to this single and come out feeling any otherwise.  You get that genuine chill running down your spine when listening to “Slumber” – that sensation that tells your whole body that you’re experiencing something spectacular…a song so memorable, you’ll couldn’t possibly forget it, because you know instantly it has to be included in the soundtrack of your life, permanently, forever.

My jaw’s truly on the floor…everything about “Slumber” is everything I want to hear more of, always.

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