SBS Podcast 137

 SBS Podcast 137

We are back in action for December already, and starting off with a full lineup of brand-new tunes to the show with Proof Of Purchase! Vol. 16 on the SBS Podcast – come get some!  Featuring a set-list of songs from our September harvest on the Bandcamp Friday special for the first of two-parts (Cause that’s how much music of yours we were busy buyin’!), we’ll be spinning multiple tunes from Slow Coda, Vandi Lynnae, Nate Jacobucci, and Carry Illinois on this episode, in addition to playing one of the latest cuts from Echo Messenger as well – AND, we’ll also be taking a time-out or two along the way to discuss the latest happening with the music of Graham Trude featuring Simone Denny, and Alex Goss And The Dirty Mask too!  This episode is fully loaded for your enjoyment – you know what to do from here – tune in & turn up!


Your official show lineup includes:

Echo Messenger – “Rocky Gibraltar”

Nate Jacobucci – “If The World Could See” / “Bones”

Alex Goss And The Dirty Mask – “Just Be Kind”

Slow Coda – “Scorn” / “Dreamwalking” / “Shimmer”

Vandi Lynnae – “Time Hurts” (Synthwave Remix) / “Ramblin’ Man”

Graham Trude – “Home Crowd” Featuring Simone Denny

Carry Illinois – “Scattered” / “Sea Inside” / “Goodnight”

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