Nate Jacobucci – Despair In A Cup

Nate Jacobucci – Despair In A Cup – Single Review I am very much starting to think that Nate Jacobucci makes as much music as I listen to, and that’s sayin’ something!  You know him, you love him…our zany Canadian friend from the east side…where is he based out of again…Manitoba, right?  Winnipeg?  Yeah!  That’s […]Read More

April 2022 Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Here’s another month’s worth of incredible music that has been absolutely ignored by the vast majority of the planet – including YOU! C’mon now…quit blushing.  You know how proud you are of your anti-music stance!  There’s so much time for music in any given day…but you…you chose specifically to watch that funny cat video on […]Read More

SBS Podcast 141

Straight outta the gate and ready to take over 2022 – the SBS Podcast is back in action from day one this January, ready to start up the new year with some of that irresistible independent music you love from this incredible scene we share.  As always, we’ve got tons of stellar cuts in the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 137

We are back in action for December already, and starting off with a full lineup of brand-new tunes to the show with Proof Of Purchase! Vol. 16 on the SBS Podcast – come get some!  Featuring a set-list of songs from our September harvest on the Bandcamp Friday special for the first of two-parts (Cause […]Read More

Nate Jacobucci – O-Bone

Nate Jacobucci – O-Bone – Album Review Nate!  Why didn’t ya just tell me you were right next door? Alright…to be fair…he probably didn’t for at least three reasons.  One being, I’ve never met the guy…so there’s that…two being the lockdown has kinda prevented moving around for quite some time anyhow, and I suppose three […]Read More