SBS Podcast 131

 SBS Podcast 131

Tune in for a lineup of cuts that’ll take ya on a rollercoaster of emotions from one side of the extremes to the other!  We’ve got an excellent show in-store for ya this week – you’ll hear songs by Thelma Ball, Chasing Jonah, Victoria Celestine, Sanny Veloo, Tough On Fridays, DWARF, CLIFFDIVER – a double-shot from MyKey – AND, we’ll talk about the music of artist Juliana Hale as well in a feature spot along the way!  All the reasons to click play & then some – tune in & turn up for the latest episode of the SBS Podcast!


Your official show lineup includes:

Chasing Jonah – “Weight”

MyKey – “Please Don’t Go” / “Was It Something I Said?”

Juliana Hale – “Anthem”

Victoria Celestine – “Alive”

Tough On Fridays – “Lush”

DWARF – “Trust Me It Sucks”

Thelma Ball – “Start A Fight”

CLIFFDIVER – “The Water Temple Is Filled With My Tears And Now I Am Drowning In Sorrow”

Sanny Veloo – “The Human Race Ain’t Worth Saving”

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