SBS Podcast 117

 SBS Podcast 117

As we always like to do about this time!

Join Jer @ SBS for another trip through the independent music scene from one side of sound to the other on Proof Of Purchase! Vol. 11!  Another fantastic episode in the sub-series of the SBS Podcast designed to shine a light on what we’ve been spending our hard-earned dough on at the Bandcamp website on “Bandcamp Fridays” each time they run their specials to support the bands & artists out there.  You know what that means folks, and you’re right – it’s all music made by names that we proudly stand behind & genuinely listen to at sleepingbagstudios on the DAILY y’all!  Featuring double-shots from MyKey, Sienná, The Basewalks, elite|fitrea, and The Soap Boxers in the mix – and we’ll be spinning more amazing tunes from King Shaolin, Fraction & Finsta, D.Ni.L, and LoFi Chill along the way as well.  You know what to do – tune in & turn up – and of course, enjoy!


Your official show lineup includes:

King Shaolin – “Mountain”

The Basewalks – “Ambience” / “Now”

The Soap Boxers – “Pink Elephants” / “Gonna Miss You” (Demo)

LoFi Chill – “Feel Love”

MyKey – “Isabella” / “Technicolor Carnival”

D.Ni.L – “Interval”

elitefitrea – “The Center” / “Acheron”

Sienná – “Byakudan” / “Metaphoric” Feat. Abòn

Fraction & Finsta – “Do The Thing”

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"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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