Marcelo Camela – Metal

Marcelo Camela – Metal – EP Review Behold!  The axe-man cometh! How many times on these pages have I written about the impact of surprise?  If you’ve been following along with our pages over the years, listening to our shows & whatnot – the name Marcelo Camela and his incredible guitar-skills should be plenty familiar […]Read More

SBS Podcast 083

In a full salute of respect to our top ten nominations in our quest for the BEST NEW SOUND of 2019 at sleepingbagstudios – we give a spin to ten different tracks from our nominees than you’ll find at the polling station and give you ten more reasons to vote for the artists/bands on this […]Read More

The Polls Are Open! Vote For Our BEST NEW SOUND!

The polls for this year’s vote on our BEST NEW SOUND for 2019 are officially OPEN! You can find the official polling station & listening booth under the main tabs at the homepage – or you can click this handy link right here to take you to vote!  You can vote up to 10x per […]Read More

Best New Sound 2019 Nomination – Day 2: Marcelo Camela

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The SBS contest for 2019’s BEST NEW SOUND gets underway officially on Dec. 18th this year!  Nominations are rolling out in no particular order between Dec. 6th – Dec. 15th, then we give all the artists/bands a couple days to rally the troops to come out and […]Read More

SBS Podcast 068

Spectacular show alert! – We talk it out with the amazing Marcelo Camela and find out what’s up with his latest album Melodies In Motion in a new interview. – We get into awesome new tunes & talk music from Keys And Vices, Stephon Foster, and the recent collaboration between Prada Jones & Easz. – […]Read More

Marcelo Camela – Melodies In Motion

Marcelo Camela – Melodies In Motion – Album Review There it is…that instantaneously uplifting vibe that Marcelo Camela is so synonymous with – it takes mere seconds for that familiar comforting feeling of his music to come radiating through on “At Home” as Melodies In Motion begins.  I was actually kind of shocked to look […]Read More

SBS Podcast 061

The first edition of a new tradition – come check out the merry melting pot we got goin’ on in this new episode of the SBS Podcast as we take ya for a trip through all kinds of different styles, sounds, artists, bands, music, material – you get the idea, this episode is fully loaded […]Read More

Marcelo Camela – “Make Life Look Beautiful”

Marcelo Camela – “Make Life Look Beautiful” – Single Review HAPPY NEW YEAR! I mean…don’t go dropping the balloons just yet, it’s still November, let’s not be silly and get ahead of ourselves – I’m just saying, you’ve got something incredible to look forward to next year when the brand-new record from guitarist Marcelo Camela […]Read More

Marcelo Camela – Celebrate The King – A Christmas Album

Marcelo Camela – Celebrate The King – A Christmas Album – Album Review Not even a creature was stirring… Okay…you know what? Whomever wrote that originally certainly never lived near a music-studio, nor did this person write about & listen to music all-day every day; there are many creatures a stirring and Christmas music has […]Read More

Marcelo Camela – Praise And Strings

Marcelo Camela – Praise And Strings – Album Review Well now! If we haven’t stumbled upon a 25 year-old guitar virtuoso today in review with Marcelo Camela…then I’ve got no real idea about anything I’m doing here; this is truly exceptional talent radiating from this record – it would be impossible not to notice how […]Read More

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