SBS Live This Week 141

 SBS Live This Week 141

Way back in the day, just shortly after we started rockin’ officially ourselves in the summer of 2013, we were hooked up with The Penske File, who were on a tour from eastern Canada all the way over to the west, where we were originally based out of in BC.  An incredible honor and a unique experience for sure – 2/3 members were catching a cold at the time & they still stuck it out for a full interview & a live performance – what champions!  The Penske File is out there to this very day rocking strong – and they’re a heck of a lot closer to us now that we’re out here in Ottawa, so you just never know, we might very well be seeing them again one day in the future.  Check out what we saw when the played the ol’ garage acoustically, and make sure to stick around as we rewind to bonus cuts & live footage from solo artist Annie Becker, and The Sweet Lowdown from VIMA 2014!

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