Rain Valley People – “Lovers”

 Rain Valley People – “Lovers”

Rain Valley People – “Lovers” – Single Review

Chilled grooves reign supreme on the latest single from Rain Valley People, “Lovers.” With a beautiful mix of acoustic guitars, smooth bass-lines and clever percussion…the atmosphere of “Lovers” is audibly an exact replica of what it sounds like to be-in, or fall-in love; this is gorgeous.

The tone & dreamy-mood of “Lovers” is established within seconds through the sweetened acoustic-guitar notes and immediately impressive, the bass. Real credit to the rhythm section of Rain Valley People…the mellow-groove they’ve found themselves in is the kind you’ll want to stay enveloped in for as long as you can be. You can be just like I am…just keep this one on repeat and let it float you and your mind away to a truly beautiful place as it winds and weaves its melodic magic.

“Lovers” has a fantastic and fully-realized idea, focused and executed flawlessly. The vocals are an absolutely perfect fit with their gentle approach to the lyrics…very cool stuff as far as the words are concerned. Has that real indie-vibe in how it presents the sweet-imagery through the words, which are sung with perfect emotion, energy and real sense of melody. All-in-all…”Lovers” has to be an example of Rain Valley People at their best; I’m unfamiliar with the rest of the catalogue beyond the new single, but this is the kind of song with a captivating slow-groove that really doesn’t come along all that often.

The bass-tones are just spectacular…the song itself is perfectly mixed, recorded and performed…and unfortunately, this all adds up to the kind of review where it takes actual focus and effort to not simply proclaim each and every element that becomes a part of the music is simply reduced to ‘awesome.’ With the genuine stunning-atmosphere of the music played on“Lovers” and the gentle-sway of the vocal-melody working so well…this song is the type that comes along and forces a reviewer like myself to write in such a positive way that it instantly invites cynicism over how sincere the words written truly are…

…whatever. Take’em or leave’em, be assured that I mean’em!

“Lovers” is a perfect escape…a song that really manages to transport you right into the atmosphere that these Rain Valley People have created for you and are clearly welcoming you to join in on with the warm-glow and invitational sound to their style. Like sitting and listening to a story being told, “Lovers” unfolds in magnificent chapters as it reveals itself slowly, but hitting the sweet-spot and satisfying in every way your ears could imagine. Gentle rhythms like this are the very magic that music is built on; when you do it all just-right like Rain Valley People have here on “Lovers,” not much a guy can do other than gush about it all – I wouldn’t change a single thing about this tune, it’s beautifully perfect.

Fans of Coldplay, Alt-J, Iron & Wine and the-like will dig on this for sure…it’s got that understated-guitar that really ties it all together for the melody while the rhythm-section continues on steadfast in their mellow-groove. An intoxicating blend of some truly fantastic ideas executed with precision, passion and heart – “Lovers” aims straight for your emotions and hits the target right where it counts; you’ll feel the sincerity of “Lovers” and you’ll be consumed by its intoxicatingly-hypnotic rhythm & flow.

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