Prince Ace – “Medicine” Featuring Broz

 Prince Ace – “Medicine” Featuring Broz

Here I was, thinking that “Medicine” would have come off of Prince Ace’s latest record FareWell released in 2020, but yet here we are, the man is hittin’ the ground runnin’ hard this year with a brand-new cut for ya already.  Dig that work ethic!  Along with Broz on the mic to bring the magic to the hooks, this single makes it clear this crew full of talent is more than ready to turn up for 2021 & take it all over.

Teaming up with Proper Etiquette Productions for this single, together they’re put together a wild live cinematic experience together that takes the whole look to a new level of sheer intensity & raw power.  A perfect visual support to the versatile hybrid blend of highly relevant sound for the right here & now, Prince Ace and Broz will fit right in onto playlists with legendary names in the game like Lil Wayne and Post Malone – and if you’ve been conscious at all over this past five years or more, you know that puts this duo on supremely solid & steady ground when it comes to what’s goin’ down through the speakers out there across the globe.  Everything stacks up right & tight on “Medicine” and they waste zero time in making a lasting impact on ya…Rock in the enormity of sound, confident & capable Rap on the verses, aggressive R&B/Soul in the chorus hooks…there’s a lil’ something for errrrrybody up in here, ya feel me?

Stoked on what I see, diggin’ what I hear too – Prince Ace is a microphone slayer when he leans right into the bars, and Broz hits these hooks with everything he’s got in full support.  The whole atmosphere pumps out serious intensity from moment one, setting the stage for the crazy swirl of emotions & madness induced by the many twists of life & love, and detailing the many reasons we seek out that “Medicine” to get through another day of it all.  The level of professionalism on display here between the two main stars of the show and their surrounding crew of talent is a genuine reflection of the amount of savage effort being put in from behind the scenes to the direct spotlight, and proof that none of the hands involved on this single half-assed a solitary second.  “Medicine” thumps with resounding power from beginning to end and reveals a collaboration in full-effect – everyone goes all-in to get the maximum results out of this single-worthy cut, and within one spin you’ll both see & hear the mission accomplished.  Prince Ace & Broz hold nothing back in the gripping performance they put into “Medicine” and use the advantage of a superb digitalized edge to the sound to enhance the Rock vibes & morph the entire cut into even more accessible terrain for the people out there to enjoy – they’re already racking up tons of hits, plays, and views since its official release on January 1st, and I’d expect they’ll be building that up a whole lot more as time goes on and listeners catch up to what they’re laying down.  Get yourself ahead of the rest, and claim your seat on their bandwagon while there might still be some space yo!  Time to take your “Medicine” and see/hear what Prince Ace & Broz got for ya below!

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