PEP – “BOP”

PEP – “BOP” – Single Review

I ain’t gonna lie to ya…when I read the title of this cut, I straight-up cringed.  I’ve never been a big fan of buzz-words, or using language in a way that just don’t make no damn sense…but keep in mind, I’m older than dirt.  When the kids out there are sayin’ “this is a Bop,” I roll my eyes, and wish they’d study more.

Anyhow.  My feelings aren’t what I’m here to review.  PEP sounds great, and that’s facts.  Maybe “this IS a Bop” – I wouldn’t honestly know, I’m that far removed from whatever’s popular in that regard – I only know about what sounds like it’s on-point, and it’s more than clear Prezidor E. Porbeni, aka PEP, knows his way around Hip-Hop.  The man’s highly effective on the mic, that’s the reality here – he’s got “BOP” poppin’ from the speakers, and he’s hittin’ every syllable with significant confidence & dynamic precision.

Plus he manages to shout out both Bruce Wayne AND Liu Kang in one cut?  Sign me up yo!

For real – PEP sounds like a seasoned veteran of the game, and executes like a professional.  Is he using a buzz-word of the moment in Pop culture to his advantage here?  Hellllllllllllz yes he is – but so what?  All that is, is industry smarts…knowing the right time to make a move and striking while the iron is hot y’all…I might not love that particular aspect of “BOP,” but PEP supplies just about every reason possible to dig the rest entirely.  The man’s got verbal swag, stylistic vibes that connect, and seriously engaging moves on the mic that are bound to get noticed.  He had an idea for what “BOP” was gonna be, and he maximized every moment of it, pure and simple.  Not to get too nerdy on ya, but a word like “BOP” is so defined, succinct, and short, that it gives PEP the ability to really make the most of the rhyme scheme – and that ends up being a huge factor in the reasons as to why a track like this phonetically appeals to ya.  He’s punching his syllables with full confidence and conviction, and any word that rhymes with “BOP” gets that similar treatment…the recipe sounds simple perhaps, but it’s what leads this particular single to success.

Well…that, and the fact that the music is killer…plus the man’s personality is LARGE.  PEP commands the mic and owns the moment – it’s what makes something like the use of a Pop culture buzz-word become more than just a gimmick meant to lure you in…because once we start listening, we have no real choice other than to acknowledge how seriously PEP took “BOP” & the quality in the final results that we hear.

The production itself is sensational, but beyond that, it’s really the PRESENCE of PEP that makes a single like this as stellar as it is to listen to…he’s verbally dynamic, and I don’t think that anyone out there could draw to a different conclusion than that.  He’s got that star-power and genuine gravitational pull to his personality that makes you wanna listen – and let’s be real here…PEP has got a gift when it comes to the art of the hook.  “BOP” is basically ALL hook when you look at it right under the microscope like we do in these critical reviews here on our pages…you can take this whole cut apart from music to vocals, verse to chorus, and all you’re gonna find is hook after hook after hook.  And that’s definitely the kind of ‘problem’ you wanna have when it comes to making music…PEP’s got this single fully loaded with sound designed to connect, from the rhythm of his words, to the relevance of what he’s rappin’ about, to the uniqueness of the beat he’s chosen as the backdrop to support his fluid flow from the moment this cut starts to the moment it ends…I mean…everything you’re looking for entertainment is right where you’d wanna find it in this cut, and that’s what’s real.  So credit where credit is due…I might go through this entire lifetime never really knowing what a “BOP” is or what it isn’t according to the youth of today, but this “BOP” rocks from the lefts to the rights, and that much I know for sure.  PEP’s bringin’ vibes to the mic and to his music that will fit in perfectly with what’s happening in the scene right now, and if he continues to keep his personality as the main draw in what he creates, he’s got #1 in his sights.

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