Pawzilla – “Supervillain”

 Pawzilla – “Supervillain”

I’ve been incredibly stoked to share this video with you all since seeing it myself for the very first time.  Pawzilla has an absolutely SICK set of skills…whether it’s the hook of the chorus or the blazing-speed he rhymes at through the verse, or this unbelievably well-shot/edited video for his track “Supervillain” – this is definitely a homeboy with some true talent that needs to be acknowledged.  There’s fast rap in our modern-day through all kinds of examples…but I think it takes a really strong grip on the microphone to make sure that the words come out quickly, with such clarity you can truly hear each and every word – and you’ll get that here on full display from Pawzilla – this guy is the man!  Check out his brand-new video below – I’m positive you’ll agree with me.

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