Omar Bowing – “Paradox”

 Omar Bowing – “Paradox”

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Omar Bowing Puts Life, Love, & Art Into Perspective On The New Single “Paradox” – Out Now!

Back with an explosive set of powerfully melodic hooks and extremely thought-provoking lyricism, Omar Bowing creates a killer combination of words & music that makes a genuine impact on their new single “Paradox.”  Designed around a strong concept that suits their own craft and echoes their own purpose, Omar Bowing’s “Paradox” delves deep into the psychological realm to find out what really makes us tick.


Centered around themes that question truth, trust, perception, and reality – “Paradox” boldly examines the fraying ties that both bind us together and threaten to pull us apart.  When confronted by a new experience that challenges our beliefs and the facts – does a “Paradox” have the power to destroy what we know to be true?  OB’s latest cut puts perspective under the microscope in a sincere effort to get to the core of our shared fragility and discover whether or not we are bound by the limitations of our own understanding & comprehension.  A mind-bending concept on a mission to reveal that real truth lies in art – the cunning craftsmanship, instrumentation, & songwriting on “Paradox” exceeds all expectations.

Led by the signature sound of Omar Bowing’s guitarviol and soulful singer Tyson Yen’s nuclear energy, the entire band surges with savage melody, and yields remarkably professional results; supercharged with charisma and passion, “Paradox” has an epically wild structure, build-up, and extreme payload.  Unleashing one of their most adventurous & accessible songs to-date, the sharp hooks of “Paradox” roar to life from the music to the microphone, Omar Bowing completely detonates during the chorus & fully proves once more the combined talent in this band and their raw power is a force to be reckoned with. 

A behemoth hybrid of crossover sound from Alternative to Hard-Rock, Progressive to Metal – “Paradox” pushes beyond the limits any one genre to twist & forge their own music and style out of many instead.  Performed with the stunning precision and strong musicianship/vocals that Omar Bowing has built their stellar reputation around, their relentless commitment to the execution of quality ideas containing the courage to be different is revealed in extraordinarily unique ways – “Paradox” has the band at their versatile best, expertly transitioning through a set of unforgettable hooks and truly substantial material.  OB is ready to move minds through their message, ready to stir souls with their sound, and ready to seize control over playlists with a single-worthy song that could warp your reality – or potentially save it.

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