Lukas Blisse – “So Far”

 Lukas Blisse – “So Far”

London-based artist Lukas Blisse roams through an exciting & enticing, atmospheric blend of emotions, thoughts, and feelings in the dreamy swirl of sound you’ll find flowing throughout the vibes of his brand-new single “So Far.”  Stocked full of flashy electro-sound, a remarkably chilled-out groove, inviting vocals, and a beat that can’t be denied, Blisse takes you on a genuine trip into spectacular hooks that’ll impress your ears and leave a lasting impact through the inherently catchy music & vocals that come along with “So Far.”  Lukas gives you a fantastic dose of highly stylistic sound & designer hooks on this new single – and just like a great tune deserves, he’s got an excellent video out there to support it, bringing that atmospheric element of “So Far” even more to the surface by placing Blisse amongst the stars for much of what you’ll see.  Extraordinary colors, editing, and visuals are on display throughout the video, transitioning smoothly in a perfect match to the energy, aura, and mood of the song with scenes that capture the feeling spot-on.  From what we can find online, it looks like this return to music from Lukas Blisse is just getting started – and from the overall quality in the writing, performance, song, and video combined on this single – you can safely bet he’ll be around for many more to come over the years to follow.

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