Julånnå – “Mystery Man”

 Julånnå – “Mystery Man”

Julånnå – “Mystery Man” – Single Review

Just a girl from the Caribbean with a dream to share her art with the world.

Some dreams were meant to turn into daily reality, and I’d reckon this situation certainly qualifies.  The very first thought that flashed through my head as I started to spin “Mystery Man” to have a listen, was “Dream BIG Julånnå – because talent like you’ve got does not just come along every day m’lady.

As far as I can tell…at least in the world according to social media & posts I’ve read – this is Julånnå’s debut single…and if this is where everything starts, there’s absolutely no telling how far she could go.  I know which direction she’s going in – that’s straight UP – but for real y’all…if “Mystery Man” is an indication of what she’s bringing to the music-scene, she has got a very, very bright future up ahead.

If there are any flaws to be found in the performance, or deficiencies that exist in the songwriting, all I know is that I haven’t discovered them…and I’ve been doing this music-journalism thing for at least a few days now.  Above all things, I think that’s what I’m loving most here – the sheer completeness of it – not only does Julånnå sound absolutely sensational in the way she sings, but this whole song has been put together as professionally as you’ve ever heard one to be.  We’re talking about extremely relevant sound, sensory & sensual vibes, and an emotionally gripping storyline that runs through the song that fully communicates the raw, exciting, insatiable power of attraction in the heat of the moment.  The hooks are strong & memorable…the details stack up to a serious WIN by every conceivable definition.

From what I’ve read, Julånnå is literally JUST stepping into the spotlight where she belongs this year – like, as in, she just performed her single “Mystery Man” live for the very first time towards the end of March.  Here’s what I’ll tell ya Julånnå…and you can take this to heart my friend…anyone with the voice you have & the material you’re creating, should step out on stage with the full confidence of knowing you genuinely have the X-factors most out there will never even be lucky even to come close to.  Stay humble of course…I don’t think that’s going to be a problem whatsoever for the sincere personality of Julånnå as far as I can tell from all the things I’ve read online & heard within her music – but when it comes to performing onstage or in the studio my friend…step to that mic like you own the whole world.  Everything I’ve heard on “Mystery Man” reveals all the hallmarks of a singer/songwriter/entertainer that has all the right talents to make it for sure, but most importantly, the right instincts to actually get there.  So as much as I’m all for dreamin’ & whatnot… Julånnå…my friend…it’s time to turn those dreams into your daily reality, realize just how spectacular you authentically ARE…and get on out there to take over 2022.  You’ve got the sound, you’ve got the look, you’ve got the ideas – it’s time to put it all into action.

The more she believes in herself and the strengths of her voice & songwriting, the further she’s going to go.  What I’m hearing in “Mystery Man” is the sound of a song that a veteran of the scene years into their career would have been stoked to have written and performed as well as Julånnå has – this is what it sounds like when you hear a superstar in the making stepping into the scene with her A-game, 100%.  I maintain…if “Mystery Man” is the sound of how her career is starting out, Julånnå has all the potential & possibility to dominate the R&B/Pop charts over this entire next decade to follow.  Fantastic melody in the way she sings…you’ll hear her transition into that first pre-chorus hook of “Mystery Man” and realize she’s got the magic that makes the difference between the good & the great – I hear every reason for Julånnå to believe she’s got the right talent it takes to make this her career & build a legacy in music – and I hear every reason to turn up a quality cut like “Mystery Man.”  Julånnå’s on a path straight to #1.

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