Joseph Eid – “Watch It Fall”

 Joseph Eid – “Watch It Fall”

Joseph Eid – “Watch It Fall” – Single Review

I don’t know about all of you out there, but when I’m scanning the main page here at SBS right now, I’m looking at a whole lineup of impressive artists & music in our little corner of the internet that tells me things are really starting to heat up here in 2018.  Might be the occasional oddball video in the ol’ special reports section, but as far as the music reviews here lately, we’re coming across some truly memorable music, artists, and bands that are really putting out statement-tunes and defining themselves in new ways, making leaps forward in their progression towards their dreams.  I’m quite happy to add Joseph Eid to the list of amazing talent & songs we’ve experienced lately – his new single “Watch It Fall” is an immaculate dose of folk music with all the hallmarks of a genuine storyteller…loved this tune.

Joseph’s got like…a cross between Ben Gibbard and Van Morrison goin’ on…if you’re familiar with both, you know this is a perfect hybrid that would lead to incredible songwriting with highly melodic-inclinations – which is really what you get in Eid’s music.  You get that gift of imagery & expression in the gentle melody akin to Ben’s style, with a gorgeously poetic stream of soulful words coming at you with just that right hint of a Van Morrison-like ramblin’ man.  There’s wisdom in the sound of Joseph Eid’s words and he paints incredibly clear pictures through his descriptions that are quite often just as jaw-dropping as they are heartbreaking & hopeful.  Highly impressive…this dude really delivers on “Watch It Fall” with a performance you can’t take your ears off of, nor would you want to if you could somehow.

With a gentle & pleasant sound in the acoustic guitar complemented perfectly by the pedal-steel tones ringing out in that mix of haunting-sweetness the instrument is famous for, Joseph adds in the final ingredient with his vocals, expertly finding the space for this melody to blossom & thrive – but also finding an incredible amount of room to express his thoughts in-full.  And that’s what I’m talking about when I’m saying classic sound & storyteller style…the attention to detail in the words is really impressive and the way that Joseph sings them really adds all the right emphasis & emotion to each moment of the lyrics on “Watch It Fall.”  He’s given us countless reasons to love this tune for its mix of simplified & clean elements all adding up to the more complex idea it becomes through the lyrics and storylines.  Strong tune from any angle you could examine it from, “Watch It Fall” leaves no stone unturned while exploring this melody to its full potential…this connects with me, no doubt it’ll connect with you too.  There’s a humble sincerity and innocence in the atmosphere of the writing & music, combined with a brilliantly bold performance from Joseph that really finds the right gear & energy to put into every word.  It’d be pretty hard to complain about a song like this…everything seems to come together for Joseph in this song, even when the words imply the world is often crashing down around him at the same time.  If this guy can pull off this kind of focus when there’s this much chaos happening around him in life…just imagine what Joseph will be capable of when it all calms down for a while!  It’s fun to imagine – but truthfully, he’ll have a hard time outdoing himself here…”Watch It Fall” is magnificently written and performed with authentic heart & artistic perspective that brilliantly combines emotion & melody into words that become so clear you feel like you’re watching a movie in your head as it plays.

Like I was saying…I’ve been fortunate to be checking out a great number of bands/artists that seem to be really finding their identity & voice in music – and if you look at Joseph’s social media & website & all that, you’ll see he’s been making moves for a while now; seems to me, it’s all coming together perfectly – “Watch It Fall” is a seriously engaging song that shines for its captivating sound, vocals, & lyricism.  Even the video is completely awesome – check it out for yourself below, it’s as fresh as it gets – he just released it officially yesterday!

“Watch It Fall” comes from the Watch It Fall EP by Joseph Eid – find out more & listen to his music by visiting his main website at:

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