Jaydii – Vibrant Summer

 Jaydii – Vibrant Summer

Jaydii – Vibrant Summer – Album Review

Well shit, this dude’s goin’ straight to the top.

For real – I’ve heard some fantastic first impressions throughout the course of my career, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t put Jaydii on that list after experiencing his new record Vibrant Summer.  Talk about the vibe y’all – Jaydii IS the vibe – this whole record jams with relevant sound built for the right here & now & long beyond – Vibrant Summer is next-level – there’s no other way to put it, full-stop.

As he opens it up with the record’s title-track, you can’t help but notice the sensory vibes at work as “Vibrant Summer” kicks off and starts to work its magic on ya.  The beginning packs such an enormous impact it’s impossible not to comment on it – you can hear the star-quality in Jaydii instantly…if you’ve got functioning ears, you couldn’t miss it.  Having said that…as much as I would have taken about another ten minutes worth of the verse & bars you find as “Vibrant Summer” begins, where you realize just how genuinely next-level this cat truly is, is right there in that first major transition where he flips the script entirely.  You know how much confidence it takes to switch up a vibe as killer as what you’ll find at the beginning of “Vibrant Summer,” leave it behind, and attempt to shift us all to something completely new for a second half?  It has to be through the roof y’all, straight up – and if it wasn’t there – if Jaydii didn’t have that confidence in himself, and in his material, yep – for sure, he’d probably have fallen flat on his face like so many emcees and artists have before him in attempting something similarly ambitious…and that’s where you can hear the difference in what this guy brings to the game overall.  There’s no hesitation…there’s no being over-cautious, timid, or any sign of him pulling punches – ever – when Jaydii makes a move, he makes it COUNT – “Vibrant Summer” instantly proves that’s the truth.  By all accounts & conceivable notions, we shouldn’t be able to enjoy the second half of this cut as much as we did with the stunningly high standards set right off the drop as it began…yet here we are, and that’s exactly the case – the straight-up genius he displays here on track ONE is essentially second to none, and “Vibrant Summer” would go on to remain a significant highlight over multiple tours through this record.  Even when you’re listening to it, he’ll try to convince you this is just an intro…and later on in the lineup, he’ll try to convince you it’s just an interlude too…make no mistake, hear no BS – these are A-sides y’all.  The jazzy music in the second-half of this cut is LOADED with personality & colorful sound – you get that switch less than a minute in & you’d never see it coming – one of the best surprises of 2021 is right here.

Beyond what Jaydii brings to the scene with his finesse on the mic, give the man some serious credit for how many names he introduces to us along the way as well – he’s surrounded by high caliber talent and wild personalities, like you’ll hear in Juice9dime on “Pocket Rocket.”  Can we get away with having this as a single out there?  I mean…I’m pretty damn sure you can first off, and secondly, I think they’ve played this so perfectly it wouldn’t even need a radio edit…the wordsmithin’ is undeniably in full effect.  “Don’t it sound like Jaydii own it?”  Why yes…yessir…it truly does.  Tough call as to what it will be you remember the most…honestly, the level of slickness on these bars should be a major contender in that race – but it’s also hard to imagine a scenario where someone’s listening and Juice9dime doesn’t end up stealing the show for them…dude’s got personality that’s off the charts, and essentially takes this track from being a controlled & chilled out vibe, into more wild & intense times, while keeping that street cred in-check, and the professionalism on-point – it’s actually quite something.  A track like “Pocket Rocket” is pretty much built on contrasting elements that, were you to look at’em all on paper, you might even wonder how it was all gonna go down – to hear it all in action is awesome – not only do Jaydii & Juice9dime carve up their time on the mic, this is also the first major pairing of two decisively different personalities on the mic in the set-list – and you’ll hear the role this method plays as it plays on.  Jaydii could have handled it all if he wanted to I’m sure – but he’s made extremely wise choices and found the right voices, personalities & artists to fully beef up the vocal dynamics – like Juice9dime does.

Talk about a Vibrant Summer!  This is what you want beaming through your speakers before the season is over y’all – turn up for this record y’all.  If you haven’t declared “New Drink” your weekend anthem by the time it’s started to the time it’s finished, I’d be completely surprised.  “Pour another shot, then another, then another…” – you get the idea – turn this up & enjoy yourselves y’all – life is short and we’re here for good times.  Jaydii’s drinkin’ off the top shelf, assisted by the talents of Whitty backing him up solidly bar for bar, matching the charisma, charm, and swagger ounce for ounce – people will dig this vibe and there’s no question about that – the man has created an authentic party anthem here that you’re gonna be hearing spill right outta your neighbor’s windows on those wild Friday nights – and if you’ve got any sense left up in ya, you’ll go join a party that’s smart enough to be spinnin’ music like this.  “New Drink” is a fantastic candidate to become a single from this record and pull the people in, the energy is simply perfection from start to finish – Jaydii makes lively cuts that are destined to be noticed.  This cut right here is a perfect example of the 100% professional focus he applies, even in party mode.

I’ll get into just how clever I think this guy genuinely is later on in this review & how relevant he is to music right now overall – but to give you a taste of where I’m goin’ with all that, listen to a track like “Shore Side” and how much a song with a vibe like this fits into the concept of Vibrant Summer.  It’s about cohesion on a record, and truly playing it smart – Jaydii has put this whole album together with impeccable focus, and when you hear the results, trust me when I tell ya, they speak for themselves.  Better yet – don’t trust me at all, and just listen.   “Shore Side” SOUNDS like summer y’all – that’s not opinion, that’s facts.  The precision in Jaydii’s rhymes from the metering, to how he doles it out to ya on the m-i-c…it’s staggering…in a couple years-time we’ll be having a good laugh about how we all heard Jaydii’s record when it was released in 2021 and now he’s gone on to be a household name worldwide.  If it sounds like hyperbole, I assure ya, it’s not – this guy is as destined for the spotlight as they ever come, and he’s got every reason to be dreamin’ big about the heights his career could potentially reach.  Try and get twenty seconds into “Shore Side” and not end up being majorly impressed by what you hear – I assure ya, that’s assigning you an impossible task.  The professionalism in Jaydii leads to relentless high quality cuts that continually reveal his dynamic talent in a variety of ways from track to track – he’s built this record with merciless attention to every detail, and when it came time to record, he was ready.

I mean…c’mon…at this point, it’s more than clear that Jaydii’s a natural superstar that has refined his talents & craft into groundbreaking results…I listen to the rhythm, cadence, fluidity & flow he’s rockin’ on “Rent’s Due (Interlude)” and I’m more than impressed – I’m as mesmerized as I am amazed, truly.   I’m saying this with full respect, love, and admiration – Jaydii reminds me a lot of Lil Dicky in all the right ways.  Don’t get me wrong…there are other artists out there that rock a similar style of sound perhaps, and I get that – I’m talking about what’s happening on this record that’s so far beyond what you merely hear.  I’m talking about the insightful way these tracks have been put together…I’m talking about the sheer volume of the combination of swagger & style being so turned UP…I’m talking about a man that clearly understands what makes music connect to us as listeners, and feel it.  That’s what warrants the comparison…artists like Jaydii & Lil Dicky not only possess serious microphone skills no one could deny, but it’s like guys like this have peered straight into the soul of music, and know what’s good – not as some kind of opinion, but fact – and because of this odd insight they seem to have that others just don’t – aka the stuff you can’t teach – you can’t help but hear how capable they are of leading us into the future of hybrid Hip-Hop vibes.  Jaydii’s not nearly as rude as LD…for now…they differ in that respect, but stylistically, you can really make a ton of valid comparisons for the natural X-factor talent they have.  You wanna know EXACTLY how amazing this record REALLY is?  When was the last time you can recall ever hearing an interlude of any kind and struggling to figure out how it wasn’t one of the best tracks off of a record, if not THE best?  That’s how sensational “Rent’s Due” is y’all – Jaydii is a verifiable all-star.

Listen.  The most you’re gonna find me conceding to ya is that a track like “Sunset Blvd” MIGHT have a tougher time competing for your attention by comparison to the rest of this set-list – that’s it, that’s all.  I’ve still got nothing bad to say whatsoever about what I’m hearing…and ultimately, I still think this track is just about every bit as strong as the rest of what you’ll find flowing throughout Vibrant Summer – BUT – it’s probably fair to say it’s a bit more of a deep cut when it comes to the accessibility factor.  Jaydii dials that aspect back a lil’ with “Sunset Blvd” featuring Blvff – who incidentally, produced the vast majority of this awesomeness you’ll hear on this record – they don’t let you down here, but it’s harder to argue that this track pushes out that same immaculate level of energy, hooks, or inherent pull to it – I suspect it’ll take the people out there a bit longer to come around to this particular track by comparison.  Think of it this way though…let’s just suppose for a second, that “Sunset Blvd” comes out as our tenth favorite on an album of ten songs in this scenario – do you REALIZE how amazing that would really be?  I’m not even saying that’s the case – you might love this cut more than any other, and right on – I’m just saying what IF it was – doesn’t that kind of imply just how much of an all-star level he’s at?  “Sunset Blvd” is anything but a bad track – it’s still rock-solid entertainment with incredible rhythm & flow, and a uniqueness to the vibe you don’t find in any other cut – I suppose what I’m saying is, even if we felt like this track came in last for your affection in this lineup…all that should really tell ya is how bulletproof this whole record and its material really is…because “Sunset Blvd” would be an A-side for most rappers.

In contrast, a track like “Ferris Wheel” is just pure undeniable perfection, straight up.  Whether that’s the ultra-slick production by Andre Mariette lending his skills to this particular track as a guest-star behind the studio boards taking over from Blvff for a moment so the man can grab a coffee, or just the mere fact that the way it’s written, performed, and recorded has the verifiable juice that connects…it’s another highlight example of Jaydii gettin’ his best onto this album, and into every syllable he sings & spits.  As dreamy as the sound genuinely is, the focus remains sharp, the flow & the rhymes remain as real as it gets…”Ferris Wheel” has that naturally enticing vibe to it that’s guaranteed to grab the attention of a ton of listeners out there for the endearing qualities it has…it all sounds remarkably organic , unforced, and authentic.  “A king is a king even when he moves palaces” – I could quote from the good book of Jaydii all damn day when it comes right down to it – the only reason I ain’t is because you gotta hear this record for yourself to believe it all anyhow – I’m well aware of how this review would read, and how 99% of ya would just assume it’s another promoter out there just trying to ride the nuts of a future superstar.  I’ve got nothing but thousands of reviews on these pages that’ll confirm all I do is keep it real, pass or fail – it’s not MY fault that Jaydii is that far ahead of the rest in the game that I’ve got nothing but praise for this record – that’s 100% on HIM.  I love the music he’s rockin’ with here and how it gives this whole track a seriously laid-back vibe, allowing his words to play like a stream of consciousness as they come atcha, leading you along without hesitation to the heart of accessibility – “Ferris Wheel” might dive into Jaydii’s contrasting emotions & intellectual complexities like so many of these cuts do, but there’s something really welcoming, uniquely comforting, and special about this cut.

“Green Lawn (Skit)” will pass by quickly at less than thirty-five seconds total, but not without layin’ down some wisdom on ya before it’s passed through – so pay attention.  I don’t wanna give it ALL away, because a quick paragraph of quoting the man would do that on this cut – but check out the way this starts will ya?  In a straight, grounded, down-to-earth moment that’s more spoken-word direct, Jaydii will tell ya:  “So it’s like this man – your neighbor’s grass is greener than yours because he watered it – and you just sat on the couch thinking, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’”  That’s wisdom you should carry with ya – and it’s a genuine metaphor for the mentalities that exist out there in contrast to the artist that Jaydii is becoming, clearly.  This ain’t a man that’s waiting for tomorrow any longer – now he’s commanding them and in full control of his destiny.  You listen to Vibrant Summer and you KNOW his grass is the greenest, because he’s doin’ the right things, making the right moves, finding the right talent & people to assist him on the way to greatness, and unafraid to achieve the success he deserves – that’s what’s real.  “Green Lawn (Skit)” isn’t going to be THE cut everyone NEEDS to hear on this album – it’s still a skit and I’ve long documented how I generally feel about’em on these pages of ours & how they tend to break up the listening experience…BUT…when you use your time wisely like this guy, I got no problems.

Ohhhh MY – how does this guy still have SO MUCH in the tank one track away from the end of Vibrant Summer?  Shouldn’t he be running out of gas by now instead of still steamin’ & pickin’ up speed?  “Mail Man” is like a dose of audible sunshine, brightening up the vibes of this record as it heads towards the finish line, and adding in some real soul via the spectacular vocals of the vivacious guest Goddess in the hooks.  Am I gonna get slapped for comparing Jaydii to Shwayze here?  Is that allowed?  Hopefully I ain’t damaging anyone’s street cred, it’s nothing but a compliment as far as I’m concerned – that’s another artist I’d put right at the top of a playlist built on addictive summertime vibes.  The “Mail Man” of Rap indeed – this dude has done nothing else but flex superior skills that are destined to get him noticed by the majors…I’d keep the phone close by Jaydii…the suits are gonna hear this record and you’re gonna get called up to put some pen to paper & sign that dotted line.  Jaydii’s like that insane deal you see in a veteran sports player, where you know no matter how much you pay the man, the implied value of what he brings to your team overall is worth so much more – every label out there should be fully interested.  He’s the “Mail Man” – he’s as reliable it gets…a walking bucket on the lyrical court…guaranteed money in the bank…it’s just a matter of time before he gets discovered by each and every one of you out there.  Goddess is real key here – Jaydii’s outstanding too, but that addition of soulful vocals and harmonies brings significant dimension, depth, and accessibility to his sensory vibes and it connects with pure ease.

Once you get to the end on “Route 4” – you realize that this entire record has been an all-out slam dunk.  Like…like…like a fucking SHAQ DUNK, where you feel legitimately sorry for both the basketball & the hardwood floor underneath for the sheer force & power of the meeting between, you feel me?  It’s the same relationship between a face and a Mike Tyson fist y’all – a knockout, 100% of the time.  Jaydii’s so clearly ready to level-up it’s damn near ridiculous – some artists show potential – but artists like this guy prove they’ve got the kind of talent & skill required to change the whole game & lead the way forward.  Every time this cut came back on, and Jaydii starts thriving on his bars so instantly throughout his opening verse, he blew what’s left of my mind all over again.  In the hooks, asking “who you rootin’ for?” – homie, I’ll tell ya – it’s YOU at this point Jaydii!  And believe me when I tell ya folks, I won’t be alone in that assessment…when the people out there latch onto this album, it won’t take more than a single spin through it to know you’d wanna hear it again, and by the time you’d hear it twice you’d already be helplessly addicted to it more than you could possibly know.  “If you steal my plate that’ll be your last breakfast” pretty much sums it up…but I wouldn’t be worrying about all that if I was Jaydii…he’s eatin’ at a whole different table than the rest y’all, and I’d bet he’s about to stack a serious side of cheddar too.  “Route 4” wraps this experience up as tight as it all began – Jaydii hasn’t let ya down for a single solitary moment of Vibrant Summer, and he makes sure that right to the final seconds, those standards never drop.  I’m massively excited for this artist, this album, and for the man’s future to follow – if he keeps the quality & focus as sharp & on-point as he has here on this record, this man is destined for greatness.

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