Jason Pierre – “I Thank You Lord”

 Jason Pierre – “I Thank You Lord”

No better time than on a Sunday to hear an artist soulfully preach the good word – so we’ve got Jason Pierre in the mix early this morning to do that very thang.  Dude’s a versatile entertainer for sure – you can see onscreen the man’s havin’ a great time doing what he loves under the weight of a gold chain that’s worth more than most houses you’ll pass on the way to work – but you can also hear in his performance that he’s feeling the vibe as he sings the hooks & verses of his brand-new single “I Thank You Lord.”  And just when you think you’ve heard what this guy can do – he’ll switch it up around the 2:20 mark and start rappin’ hot bars!  He’s clearly a capable man of many talents on a mission to make music in the name of the Lord here – check it out for yourself and have a look/listen to Jason Pierre’s latest video for “I Thank You Lord.”

Find out more about Jason Pierre at his page at Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/jasonpierremusic



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