J.E – “Lib3ration Song”

 J.E – “Lib3ration Song”

With a brand-new single that audibly sounds like creative freedom and vibrant expression come to full fruition, artist J.E embraces the inspiring vibes & uplifting lyricism he’s written into “Lib3ration Song” and takes you for a beautiful trip outdoors through the spectacular scenery & shots of his brand-new video.  Follow J.E right to the very edge of the water as he puts genuine heart, passion, and soul into the uniqueness & emotional-power of the melody he’s singing & written into “Lib3ration Song” – and make sure to not get caught sleepin’ on the smoother-than-smooth hooks that fill the atmosphere of the chorus.  J.E’s got a strong single all about taking hold of the moment and appreciating our time here in life…to celebrate our freedom & limitless possibilities…”Lib3ration Song” is like an anthem for us all…a soul-soothing experience where you can truly feel that connection between the artist, the idea, and the music surrounding him.  As far as the video goes…what else can be said?  J.E completely has the look of a born entertainer…and combined with the authenticity you’ll find in this single of his and the gorgeous imagery surrounding him onscreen…you gotta give the man his props for creating something that stands out both visually & audibly in a highly memorable way.  I can dig it for sure…I think there’s definitely room out there on playlists like yours for a delicate & chill experience in sound like this too – find out for yourself by clicking play on the new video for “Lib3ration Song” by J.E!

“Lib3ration Song” comes from the Quarter Life Lib3ration EP by J.E – find his music at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/49loOU4lY5yhCFSzr36Sjg



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