Griff – “New Style”

 Griff – “New Style”

Griff – “New Style” – Single Review

Oh Canada!  Don’t get caught sleepin’ on this cut!

That goes for you too, rest of the world.

From the looks of things, this Toronto-based artist has been changing up his game once again.  If you look at his history, dude’s already racked-up tons of awards and airplay throughout his time spent on the scene – known by many names from Griff The Great, to DCG, to his own given name of Griff Acheampong.  But you’ll notice that’s switched-up here once more as he brings out this single into the world…he’s shortened up the moniker to straight-up Griff – “New Style” & a new name to go with it.

If that’s what’s got him sounding so fresh and re-energized on this single, then heck, I’d recommend creating a new name to go with each and every song!  “New Style” is a serious jam stockpiled with style and truly dazzling sound from the lefts to the rights.  Reminiscent of the wildness you’d find on the early records from N.E.R.D – “New Style” comes out with a revitalized spin on a sound that’ll never get old.

YOU tell me what could possibly be missing from this captivating cut – ‘cause I can’t find a single thing I’ve change about this…Griff is absolutely killin’ it on this track from the performance to the production!  We’ll get to the main man on the mic in a minute here…but C’MON people – what more could you ask for than what you hear in the music of this cut?  Absolutely expertly put together with a professional touch – everything you’ll hear is immaculately on-point and right in the perfect spot in the mix.  But LISTEN to the amount of personality in the rhythm guitar – and LISTEN to the wild expressions of the lead guitar tones surrounding it!  LISTEN to the continually groovin’ bass-lines kickin’ it – the tight beat – the keyboard/synth melodies strengthening the atmosphere…it is literally and audibly ALL here.  Like take that guitar moment around the thirty-five second mark – how MEAN is that sound?  I could listen to that all day…and it’s those kind of flashy details put into “New Style” along the way that make all the difference here…sometimes it’s instrumentation, sometimes it’s clever background vocals with effects – either way, it’s all adding to the insatiable beat & vibe of this cut that never stops doling out the smoothness in sound.  Griff’s made a smart move by keeping the length of “New Style” limited to just below 2:20 – this is tight as tight can be without a single solitary second out of place or spots where you can hear the focus slip – from the mic to the music, this artist is committed as it gets to delivering his A-game at every moment.  Bottom line is the sound of “New Style” is so loaded with style, rhythm, and undeniable groove that the personality & character of the music is simply straight-up off-the-charts cool.

With designer hooks from Griff that you just wanna pop on, turn up, and cruise to – he shows a mastery of the mic from the verse to the chorus on “New Style.”  Essentially, he’s vibin’ like another instrument added to this song, creating dynamic rhythm in the way he approaches the verses, then smoothing it out into the atmospheric hooks that fuel the chorus.  For all of a two-minute track, it’s honestly jaw-dropping just how much entertainment he packs into this cut and still how much space he has around him; the results are astounding clarity in the music and the vocals, maximizing the potential in everything you hear.  He’s all-pro on this cut…the precision is remarkable, the energy is absolutely contagious – and at the end of the day, “New Style” is engaging, fun, and 100% memorable.

But I mean…it’s kind of hard to forget a track if you never let it stop spinning right?

This is a single you’ll want to return to again & again dear readers, dear friends – I’m supremely impressed with how tight, professional, and genuinely all-out exceptional this short experience really is.  “New Style” is scorching HOT and oh-so-smooth at the same time – I can’t turn this up loud enough!

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