Greye – “Lucky”

 Greye – “Lucky”

…just a second here…I’ll get to “Lucky” in a moment or two…I’m just finishing up watching a mesmerizing live performance of Greye slaying Heart’s massive mega-hit “Heartless” – talk about music that is extraordinarily well-suited for this band, and certainly its singer, the fantastic Hannah Summer!

Anyhow!  You can YouTube that on your own time – or maybe you’ll be “Lucky” like I was and the almighty algorithm will carry you through a whole bunch of songs from Greye after listening to their latest single.  I certainly wasn’t complaining – I love the new video they’ve got for “Lucky” – then I went straight into a live performance of the song and loved that too – and then, well…that’s where we came in here…I was sitting here for what seemed like it must’ve been an hour or so just watching Greye tunes online.  Listening to Hannah hit that first verse of “Barracuda” is something savagely special, let me tell ya…Summer’s got the vocal chops to hang with the heavy-hitters of Heart for sure – and her band-mates Jett, Joshua, Ray, and Ken-e are right there with her every step of the way, reliable & steady as it gets.

Shoot…I did it again.  Every time I finished watching “Lucky” I’d end up watching a whole bunch more videos from Greye right afterwards.  You can laugh at me try to type this post out all you want, but there’s a solid chance this will happen to you too – Greye’s got a supremely addictive vibe & energy.

So let’s try this again…I’ll focus, I’ll focus.  Keep in mind, this IS all THEIR fault for being awesome, not mine for helplessly watching & listening…I mean, we all get that – right?  Okay then.  Greye!  “Lucky!”  Let’s do this…

Call it brutal honesty, call it satire, call it sarcastic…all of these elements are only as effective as the venom behind it…and when done right, everyone’s in on it & having a great time – and that’s exactly what you’re gonna find happens here in the new Greye single “Lucky.”  Attitude!  And the courage to wield it like the advantage it truly IS…that’s what makes so much of this song work so brilliantly.  Listen closely to the words…READ the YouTube description if ya gotta; by doing either or both of these things, you’ll ensure you get the most out of the meaning & message behind “Lucky.”  As far as the songwriting goes, I’m extremely impressed by this…I think Greye has tapped into something that so many out there ‘in the biz’ would 100% relate to – and as for the rest of you that listen, watch, and go to shows – what this band has created in between the lines of “Lucky” should give you plenty to consider from the other side of the glass, looking in.  To give you an idea…because I really don’t wanna give away the full-scope of a song you should really experience for yourselves…let’s just say that the road to success, fame, and stardom sure ain’t an easy one…and what you might see on the surface ain’t always what it’s really like.

Expertly directed by Brett Bortle with hazy scenes that feature the star of this show, Hannah, front & center – the edits are quick & seamless, generating a visual energy & flow that suits this song perfectly.  Hannah is on fire when she sings this song – and give her credit, she needed to be in order to make these words have the impact they deserve.  Make no mistake, the whole band’s a-rockin’ when it comes to this new single of theirs – Greye groove, roll, and storm through a seriously accessible vibe endlessly laced with melodic & rhythmic hooks, wildly enticing sound, flawless musicianship, and the kind of true grit that gets music noticed.  Everything stacks up big-time in their favor on “Lucky” – in my mind, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this is one of their best to-date and a huge confirmation that we should all be looking forward to their next-record coming soon.

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