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 Greg Reitman

Greg Reitman

Let me tell you a few things about Greg Reitman that I know about, some that I’ve read about and a couple insights as to how his creative solutions through video can more than likely help you too. As a general rule…many of you already know that sleepingbagstudios has been an ad-free space that focuses solely on the music – that’s not about to change; but supporting a service that can potentially assist you with your music is something that we’ve always been about, which is why I’m here talking about what Greg can do for you today. To not support someone like this in my own field of work, would be like those of you in bands or playing live not supporting the rest of your music-scene when you’re not on stage; the only way that we WILL get to where we all need to go is by correctly identifying the people that truly CAN help you…and I like to think I’ve found a perfect candidate for you in Greg Reitman.

So what does he DO? Reitman is a video-making mastermind who’s been creating & producing videos for musicians, artists and brands for longer than I’ve been a writer! NO I’m not saying he’s old – that speaks to an incredible amount of experience…extremely RELEVANT experience that has literally been there from day one as the internet itself has expanded, changed and grown. And you know what?

He is STILL doing what he does, still doing what he loves most…still thriving because of a quick, intelligent mind that knows how to adapt to both his client’s needs and the changing world around us to find the balance necessary for success. Check out this video below and it’ll give you a great idea of what Greg is all about and how he can assist your music, your art & your careers through his various services.

Currently concentrating on social media and how short videos can help you jumpstart interest in any venture that you’re in, Greg has a fantastic easy-going but dedicated attitude that I can personally vouch for as genuine. He authentically cares about his work and is clearly the kind of person looking to connect & create with people from all walks of life and do the best job he can do to help them on their way. What I like about the system he’s developed at his official website…is that the page itself is designed for people just like ME!

Because look…at the end of the day I might have a studio and type some fancy word-things here into the ol’ internet…but I’m really just an average, ordinary, everyday dude. I figure I like my instructions nice & clear…simplified & streamlined…to the point etc. I figure if I want to make things complicated, well I reckon I’ll find a way to do just that…but for the most part, I just want to get things done, done quickly, and without a ton of extra-ANYTHING that I don’t really understand.

I honestly cannot express the love I have for the sweet, short & well-outlined communication on the official website at – he’s nailed it and made it completely user-friendly and like a warm invitation to work with a friend you didn’t yet know you even had. There are no secrets hidden…the text is MASSIVE and the accessibility of the site and Greg himself are both fantastic – you’ll get the time you need from him and be able to communicate exactly what you’re looking for in your new professional promotions video. Rates all look perfectly in-line if not more inexpensive than you’ll find elsewhere…but again, most importantly in this scenario is you’ve got the hand of experience through Greg’s 15+ years of success. That’s not a gamble – that’s a smart choice!

Videos can bring all kinds of attention to whatever it is you might be up to – almost all of us out there view some sort of internet video for this or that daily; and if you’re not making videos to support your music, business, product, service or your art…you might not be doing everything you can to get it the attention, support and recognition that it deserves. That’s where a guy like Greg comes in handy and EXACTLY why you want him assisting with your next project – he makes eye-catching, extremely well-edited videos designed to attract those very eyes searching the internet and lead them to your latest venture.

Every one of you out there just nodded your head and said to yourself ‘yep, I could probably use some more attention or put the word out on __________ a bit more than I have been.’ The question has never been that to begin with…we all need more attention and focus on our work or art; the real question is will YOU do all the behind-the-scenes stuff to get it there? If you’re like most people…chances are rather than spend your next twenty years learning Greg’s video craft, it’d be a lot smarter, quicker and more inexpensive to go with his years of experience and incredible success to get what you need. With his approachable personality and immense creativity, Greg Reitman seems like a perfect choice to help get you where you need to go – so give him a shot and tell him I sent ya!

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"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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