Gen Dietzel – “Burn”

 Gen Dietzel – “Burn”


With the release of her new single “Burn” – Gen Dietzel is set to scorch the earth in 2018!

What began with the first sparks of her career starting to ignite through the release of her debut single “Don’t Call Me Pretty” last year, has turned into a blaze of inspiration, creativity, and incredible support for Gen Dietzel’s music.  Back with a fresh cut for 2018, the signature sound of her bold, empowered, & fiercely courageous approach to her songwriting/vocals is scorching hot & ready to spread like wildfire.

Gen Dietzel’s new single “Burn” shines a bright spotlight on an artist that’s truly unafraid to embrace her moment in time.  Through a compelling mix of intense Alternative Rock sound, darkly poetic lyrics, and melody that creates an immediate impact & lasting impression, “Burn” makes spectacular use of Gen’s artistically-expressive style and captivating confidence.  You can literally hear the insatiable passion to perform & sincerely entertain the people out there through the commitment, focus, & tone of her voice.

Stoked to set fire to the music-scene this year with the official release of “Burn,” Gen sounds more determined to make her mark than ever before on her new single, proving that she’s got exactly what it takes to create gripping material that’s as thought-provoking as it is powerfully moving to listen to.  Displaying all the hallmarks of songwriter that is grounded, real, raw, and relatable – “Burn” brilliantly highlights how Gen Dietzel makes music that genuinely connects to the hearts & souls of all who listen.

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