Flythe – “Shade”

 Flythe – “Shade”

Flythe – “Shade” – Music Video Release/Review

If this emcee wants to keep on crushin’ it, I’m always willing to keep listening.

Flythe returns with a brand-new cut, the exceptional single/video for “Shade” – audible confirmation that this guy absolutely gets it when it comes to what makes the magic happen on the ol’ m-i-c.  Let it be noted straight off the bat that you can find this track out there served up two ways right now online…you got the killer new video, which you can find below, and I also highly recommend following the links down there too & hit up the Mission Ave page at Soundcloud to listen to the extended version.  Can’t go wrong with either of the two variations…I’m just saying if you feel like you want MORE of it after you peep that vid below – and you SHOULD – then go check out what else he’s got to say in the extended version of “Shade” because there’s ninety more seconds to this cut you should hear.

The music-sample is beyond real…brilliant combination of low-end bass rumblin’ along with like, a flute sample or wind-instrument looped into the mix for the melody overtop of the beat.  It’s got texture, unique & fresh flavor…and maybe more importantly beyond all things, clarity in every word.  Ultimately – that could be completely be entirely what “Shade” is all about, and I’d say it is, both on a lyrical & performance level.  There’s a confirmation of this theory that occurs a couple times along the way…you get one of them early on around the forty-five second mark…in the extended remix, he’ll let you know exactly how he feels right at the end of the song definitively.  The point “Shade” seems to make time & again is the fact that this rapper can keep it plenty club and still get his WORDS across…like an audible pimp-slap to ‘mumble rap’ strong enough to be heard across the water on the next continent.  And when it comes to that…what else can I say, I found that highly relevant but also highly interesting at the same damn time – Flythe makes several insightful & great points along the way and provides insight on what’s important out there in the grind & on the mic, but if I had to make a comparison as to which emcee he reminds me the most of, pretty much without question it would be Black Thought of The Roots.  If you know your history on hip-hop, rap & all-that…you’ll know that BT can rap insanely clearly when he wants you to hear every word and that generally-speaking, he always does & always delivers – but if you REALLY know your history, you’ll also know he’s claimed to be the founder of…yup, you guessed it correctly, ‘mumble rap.’  And anyone that has heard “Don’t Say Nuthin’” knows he still did it best – that’s what’s up.

Flythe is like the answer to all that noise out there – the clarity and precision of his rhymes are key elements that make his rhymes & approach to the mic work so well, but the fact that his tone & energy are so on-point at all times certainly doesn’t hurt.  Dude’s all-pro with a masterful flow, ain’t no arguments to be had here when it comes to Flythe’s style – this man’s got a future for sure if he keeps this kind of quality combo up between song/video.  The idea that you can even get more out of this tune through an extended remix…I mean c’mon…he’s going about this all the right ways and putting his music out there in multiple methods – that’s the way you get it done yo!

The only thing that’s missing from the video is the other half of the song itself…but like I said, you can go cop that at Soundcloud.  And besides that, I’ll take what I can get – the video for “Shade” is shot with a killer instinct for what works on a visual-level, and you get the intensity of Flythe’s eyeballs staring straight back at you as he spits his bars into the camera.  That might sound like a minor detail or two, but they’ve maximized every moment with the way this all looks and works with the song.  And I’d argue that the intense look you can see in Flythe’s eyes matters – you can see the hunger & desire to be one of the best out there right there onscreen in front of you…and you can tell just how much this all means to him.  For me personally, it’s those kind of hidden details that can tell you what’s going to separate the good from the great out there…you can hear it in “Shade” for sure, but that confirmation you get onscreen through the video makes it all concrete – this emcee is 100% determined, focused, and ready.

Find the “Shade (Extended Remix)” by Flythe at the Mission Ave page at Soundcloud direct at the link below!

Find out more about Flythe at the official pages below!




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