Dee Rell – “Comin’ Thru”

 Dee Rell – “Comin’ Thru”

Dee Rell – “Comin’ Thru” – Music Video Post

Well holy shit Dee Rell…tell us how you really feel, will ya?

For a cut that’s all of less than 2:30 in length, Dee sure knows how to make sure to maximize the impact he’s gonna make on ya with hard-hitting rhymes that pull zero punches in the explicit details.  Dee’s “about that action” – and chances are, if you don’t catch the man in the studio or on stage, the man’s out there fuckin’ this lady, or that lady…maybe even both, and maybe even at the same time y’all.  “I don’t know what you got planned, but I’m for surely fuckin’ you” – will someone get me an ounce of this dude’s confidence?  Dee’s clearly rollin’ in snatch & has no problem rappin’ bout the booty loud & proud – he’s “Comin’ Thru” in 2022…he ain’t askin’ ya…he’s not only tellin’ ya like it really IS, but also tellin’ ya how it’s gonna BE, 100%.

All-in-all, he’s got a cut on his hands that’s guaranteed to grab your attention, and quite likely have ya raising an eyebrow or two, wondering if you just heard the man say what he said.  Spoiler alert – he did.  Dee’s got hard bars when it comes to the weight in the content, he flexes verbal finesse and serious skill that can’t be denied, and clearly he came into “Comin’ Thru” with something he really wanted to say to the world.  This man fucks, full-stop.  Not sure if that was in question before, or if someone out there was doubting how much the guy was dippin’ his stick out there in the scene…but if we’re talkin’ about clarifyin’ this issue once & for all, there’s no question that Dee Rell sets the record straight here for sure.

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