Danesh – “Qui Con Te”

 Danesh – “Qui Con Te”

Danesh – “Qui Con Te” – Music Video Release/Review

Some afternoon cartoons for ya!  You know you want’em just as much as I do.  I love animated videos and this band Danesh has got themselves a seriously awesome one to support their brand-new single “Qui Con Te” – from the music to the visuals, this is all truly cool stuff to experience.

And from what I’ve read…we might just be lucky to have this new single from Danesh at all!  I’m not exactly saying their current bio could use an update…but maybe?  According to the legend online, the band disbanded in 2002…yet here we are…Danesh has got an awesome new single, an amazing new video, a full crew in their lineup, and if “Qui Con Te” is any indication…well…they’re thriving aren’t they?

Sure seems like it to my eyes & ears!  Every time I hear the pure energy of the guitars on “Qui Con Te,” I get crazy amped-up & excited for more – this is an extremely repeatable tune you’ll want to spin several times over if you’re diggin’ what you hear like I have been.  It’s got that spirited Indie-Rock vibe…like there’s almost no other way to describe the energy in the music of “Qui Con Te” other than to say it’s like audible vitamins for the soul!  There’s an incredibly uplifting vibe that comes radiating through this single, and believe me, it’s addictive…I can personally vouch for that.  I mean, like I said at the beginning, I love me some cartoons – but any music video out there that can’t back up the visuals with a great song to go with it would only ever be half the experience you’d ever want to have – Danesh gives you everything you’d possibly want in this combination of impressive animation and single-worthy sound.  So y’aint getting any complaints out of me – I absolutely love both of what I see & what I hear, 100% – I’m positive you will too, check it out below!

It all comes together perfectly for Danesh on “Qui Con Te” – the music from all players involved is spot-on, melodically gripping, groovin’ & movin’ the whole time, with a chilled-out & distant vocal sound that slips right into the mix smoothly.  What I think a ton of people will completely dig about Danesh just as much as I did, is the fact that you’ll easily hear just as much personality, character, and vibrant hooks in the music of this band as you will in the vocals as well.  They’ve really got a ton of things going for them – and I truly do consider us all lucky to have them back, given the fact that there was clearly a time where their future was in question, way back in their own history now.  “Qui Con Te” and the album Via Venezia that it comes from, could very well be the start of a huge new chapter in Danesh’s career – they certainly sound refreshed & ready to go, and they’ve definitely put a ton of thought & care into making sure this single from their new record sparkles & shines from audio to video.  I could eat this song by the bowlful, I’m always up for animated vids…and I know it’s not just me that feels this way; Danesh has got a really strong single/video here that will appeal to tons of music-lovers & viewers out there – they nailed “Qui Con Te” – I’m 100% stoked to hear what else this band has come up with after experiencing this, and that’s the exact effect you always hope to achieve with the release of a new song or video.  Kudos to Danesh – “Qui Con Te” is a smart single to have put out there with its electrifying energy – and it’s the perfect gateway in for listeners to take and discover the rest of what they’re up to.  Great job.

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