Cory M. Coons – “Freedom Road”

 Cory M. Coons – “Freedom Road”

Cory M. Coons – “Freedom Road” – Single Review

Been a long time since we last checked in on artist Cory M. Coons – all the way back to 2018 when I was listening to & reviewing a handful of singles from a record he was working on called The Long Road Home.  Always great to welcome someone back to our pages again, no matter how long it’s been…I dunno…call me crazy but I just sleep better at night knowing folks are out there doin’ what they’re meant to be doin.’  Cory included, of course – he’s sounding solid on this new single of his called “Freedom Road” for sure.

Somewhere in between a Bon Jovi ballad and the earnest sound of an artist like Neil Young, Cory finds his way through a plethora of emotions, thoughts, feelings, and insightful observations that muse on the state of humanity & where we seem to be at currently on this planet.  It’s a really well assembled track – pretty much Adult Contemporary in many ways, which is a little outside of my realm, but I generally listen to a piece of everything here & there throughout my travels.  You’ll hear what I’m talkin’ about here when you have a listen for yourself though – there’s a stoic & steady confidence that comes along with the way Cory and his cohorts play this song, which is essentially required if “Freedom Road” was ever going to live up to the full potential in the writing, which it does.  A lot of that comes from the reliable beat from drummer Chris Golden…it’s such a sure, confident, and powerful hit on the snare he’s got that it kind of gives this single its own unbreakable backbone that the rest of the music can respond to.  You’ve got Marc D. Muir rockin’ the lead & rhythm guitars, plus a 12-string acoustic, which Cory also plays himself along with the bass & singin’ his song on the ol’ microphone – together these guys all put a ton of focus into “Freedom Road” and from the sounds of the results, that’s totally paid off for them.  While it’s fair to say that it might not be a song that makes you jump up & down out of excitement, there’s still an inherently triumphant, tried, tested & true spirit that runs through the veins of this song, providing a professional dose of stellar songwriting and execution that’s a perfect pairing with the concept.  And c’mon now y’all – that solo around the 3:20 mark?  You know you love it!  You.  Know.  You.  Love.  IT!  In fact, it’s so good that it’d be really hard to argue that it’s not the ultimate highlight to be found on “Freedom Road” in my opinion – but the reality is, the performances all-around from the music to the microphone don’t leave you wanting in any way, shape or form.  Cory’s vocals are great, his harmonies hit the mark – it’s an endearing and empowering track every bit as much as an engaging one, giving you plenty for your mind to consider through the lyricism and how it relates to our lives today, while the melody in the music & main hooks go to work on your heart with soothing & comforting vibes.

Think of “Freedom Road” like a values-based tune…I think that’s the key.  Within the lyrics, you’ll find a lot of wisdom that speaks strongly on behalf of Cory’s good moral compass and commentary on how crucial it is to stand up for what we believe in, no matter what it takes.  The uplifting feeling that you get in the chorus vibes ends up being a direct reflection of all that…you get something out of listening to a song like “Freedom Road” and the way it makes you feel inside – that’s always worth a moment of your time ain’t it folks?  While conceptually “Freedom Road” might follow a path you’ve heard within music before to a degree, Cory does a great job in handling the material with genuine care and communicates his sincerity when it comes to the core values that he’s singing on behalf of throughout his new single.  Sure there’s a religious aspect to it as well, and all the more power to him & to you if God is your jam; I didn’t end up feeling like I was excluded from enjoying this as a person that has no idea what he believes in, I didn’t feel like “Freedom Road” was preachy in that sense, or overtly nationalistic in any kind of an annoying way either – like I said, it’s just a really well executed single from start to finish that gets to the heart of what Cory wanted to sing about in a very all-inclusive way that we can all connect to on some level.  Whether it’s the musicianship, the vocals, or the lyricism – or quite potentially all three at once as intended of course, there’s pretty much something for everyone here in a song like “Freedom Road,” and especially for you singer/songwriter types.  Cory’s crafted a well thought-out single that sounds great & supplies a sentiment you can believe in, absorb, and learn from – “Freedom Road” is a stellar addition to his catalog that delivers an earnest dose of humble heartfelt wisdom, light, love, and hope.

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