Catone – “Replace” Featuring J. Apollo

 Catone – “Replace” Featuring J. Apollo

I’m all about it – Catone’s got a killer single out this year called “Replace” featuring J. Apollo – and you wanna get in on this for sure.  A brilliant combination of swagger, style, and genuine emotion – Catone’s put the work into the design, melody, and flow of this collaborative single, and as a result of such impressive attention to detail in the structure & delivery – you’ll find no objections from me when it comes to “Replace.”  Every corner has been rounded and no stone has been left unturned – and ultimately, Catone along with J. Apollo, has tapped right into a vibe that’ll sincerely connect with the people out there listening.

Set inside of a supremely chill beat that glides along perfectly in the background, the music cleverly plays a complementary role when it comes to what makes a song like “Replace” as successful & effective as it is…it’s always there, it’s always solid, it’s got a beautifully endearing sound – but at the end of the day, it’s these stars on the mic that really make the key difference.  You get two very distinct styles and sounds from both Catone and J. Apollo when it comes right down to it – but you’ll find that each bring seriously important aspects to “Replace” and what makes it work so well.  A lot of it comes down to the gripping tone of voice that Catone uses in the verses and main hook of “Replace” – to say that he’s come out sounding perfect would be to put it mildly…you couldn’t find a better fit than how he slides right into this whole vibe.  Impressive quality, heartfelt lyrics, killer hooks…you couldn’t ask more from the man than what you’ll find in his performance and the captivating way he flows through the most catchy aspects of this collaborative single.  J. Apollo brings in a completely different sound & style, livening up the mic with an inspired performance, leaving a definitive stamp of his own when he gets his turn in the spotlight.  I’m not entirely sure who’s all responsible for what for a 100% fact – but what I can tell ya for sure is that you’ll find the quality of each lead performance never drops for a moment, and what you’ll hear in the background vocals plays a crucial role in enhancing the melody to reach its full potential.

They’ve left us with zero reason to complain and every reason to turn this track UP & come back for plenty of repeats.  Sometimes everything just ends up in the exact right place where it all makes complete sense to our ears – and despite the words being a stark reflection of the confusion that comes along with the struggle of life & love, you can clearly hear how professionally put together this entire single is.  From the planning stages to the final results, “Replace” is a fantastic example of everything finding the place where it belongs, including Catone & J. Apollo, who deserve their moment in the spotlight for sure.  There’s insightful composition & thought-provoking emotion at work all throughout “Replace” – you feel this cut – and you can’t really ever hope for hearing more in a single than a vibe that heads straight for your soul like this one does.  Always awesome to experience a collaboration that hits the mark, and there’s no question that this one does – I’m stoked on everything I’ve heard here.

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