Black James Bond – “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)”

 Black James Bond – “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)”

R.I.P to the great J Dilla, the original designer behind the “Timeless” sound you’ll hear today by watching that video down below these words – but you’ll get a different twist on the whole thang, courtesy of Bond.  Black James Bond.  Adding in his own soulful & stylistic sound into the mix on “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix),” Black James Bond is feelin’ the vibe and letting the vocals work the sensual magic on this single.

As I’ve mentioned on these pages several times over the years – this is how you pay your respect and honor an artist or musical-hero you look up to.  Rather than join the legions of posts that get put up online within the first 48 hours of an artist’s passing and get lost in a sea of emotions caught up in the moment – when an artist has had a real impact on ya, you carry that around for life.  It takes time to fully absorb the situation & the weight of the impact…and if you give it time, you’ll find you get to that tribute you wanna achieve, like Black James Bond has done by putting this out about eleven years or so after J Dilla passed on.  “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)” is a solid example of how that music we love can both still live on, and also lead a new life of its own that can bring it back into the spotlight & speakers to make it relevant for today.  So salute to Black James Bond on that front – “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)” gives this entire cut a whole new flavor to it and helps further the memory & legacy of its original creator at the same time…that’s what you want in any tribute type situation…to further the art somehow by making it new.  And ultimately, for the artist that’s passed on, there’s still no bigger compliment that can be paid other than for the music that’s been made to continually inspire new artists for years to follow, like Black James Bond who brings his own charming swagger & smooth Neo-Soul-meets-R&B style & sound to “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix).”  The music’s got him ‘feeling so good’ – and that passion & enthusiasm is definitely something you can hear on the mic in the soulful tones of Black James Bond, and in the music on his new spin on a “Timeless” sound.  Have a look and listen for yourself and give “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)” by Black James Bond a spin or two of your own!

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