Month: <span>June 2024</span>

Saure Gurken – “Audiospawn” / “Don’t Shoot”

Saure Gurken – “Audiospawn” / “Don’t Shoot” – Singles Review Holy blast from the past!  It was way back in 2015 that we last heard from Saure Gurken! I really dig the way that “Audiospawn” creeps throughout its opening, and absolutely love the guitars from Quaziq as the song starts up.  While I think it’s […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 188

Let’s bring it back to when the world started opening up again and the first show we got to see when it finally did!  Back in 2021, we hit up the Bronson Centre in Ottawa to check out a full lineup of awesomeness – the night began with FACS and continued to rage on in […]Read More

Jesse James Allen – In The Company Of Machines

Jesse James Allen – In The Company Of Machines – Album Review If there’s one title for an album that you’ll find perfectly sums up what a record is really all about this year, it’s likely to be this one.  What ARE all these wonderful machines and things and three-letter words that symbolize programs and […]Read More

Uriel – “Ravens”

Uriel – “Ravens” – Single Review Could I even consider it to be a complete day here at the homepage without another artist or band changing their name?  #WelcomeToTheNewNormal Anyhow.  We’ve got Uriel in review today, so far as I’m told.  You might remember this young man from singles I wrote about that he’d released […]Read More

Alias Wayne – “Name Of Love”

Alias Wayne – “Name Of Love” – Single Review You know what I appreciate at this stage of my career, and/or listening to music in general? I appreciate not really having to think about things at all. Lemme explain.  As much as I try not to read what others are writing about music and whatnot, […]Read More

The Ruben – “Your Name (Karma)”

The Ruben – “Your Name (Karma)” – Single Review Well, on the one hand, I think you’ve gotta appreciate the fact that every time you push play on a new track from The Ruben, you never really know what you’re going to get.  While there’s no doubt that level of unpredictability can work both for […]Read More

Dylan Tauber – “Harmony Of Earth”

Dylan Tauber – “Harmony Of Earth” – Single Review Thank you, Dylan Tauber. Listen.  While I might like to pretend that I’m not on most days, reality suggests that I’m every bit as human as the rest of ya.  Like the majority of people on this planet, I’ve got a job to do.  There is […]Read More

Waking Stone – Singles

Waking Stone – Singles Review We’ve been introduced to this duo’s music years ago under a different name…but we’ll get to that in due time.  For now, let’s see what we can tell ya about the latest singles released by Waking Stone. Okay…so…here’s where I’m at with what I’m hearing on this first single “Ashes […]Read More

SBS Podcast 164

Time to take you from one side of the musical map to the other!  Join us this episode for tracks by speakeazie, Trill Cut, The Kid Chocolate Band, Paul de Leon, Meghan & Caitlin, Trynket, and Lielack, in addition to brand-new tunes from Shawn Era, Pete Gustard, Etherdene, FVRMN, and Veronica Largiu!  It’s always the […]Read More

KYZR – “Find Your Way” Feat. Erik Frisberg

KYZR – “Find Your Way” Feat. Erik Frisberg – Single Review Hmm… I feel like I’m coming up with more of a mixed reaction to this new single from KYZR, which in itself is fairly surprising given my track record of enjoying the majority of what’s come my way from this duo throughout the years.  […]Read More