Month: <span>October 2023</span>

Matt Alter – “Insomnia”

Matt Alter – “Insomnia” – Single Review So…hmm…where do I start here? I guess the first thing I’ll say is that I certainly don’t hate “Insomnia,” at least in song form.  If we’re talking about the anti-sleep monster, then hell yeah, you’ll find me agreeing with most everything that Matt Alter is saying about “Insomnia” […]Read More

RubberStamp – Liquid

RubberStamp – Liquid – Album Review So let’s see what we’ve got here…from what I understand, RubberStamp is one of them all-star collaborations from the underground Indie scene, connected to us here at sleepingbagstudios through none other than Gary Blake, whom y’all probably remember from his work in Neon Radiation.  Always a reliable source of […]Read More

Azwel – The Drifting Game

Azwel – The Drifting Game – Album Review It’s been about four years since we first learned about the music of Azwel and interviewed its main man behind the music, Jason Perrillo on our pages here.  It’s been about two years since the release of their previous record called XV, or one if you count […]Read More

The New Occupants And Mr MooQ – “Super Boom”

The New Occupants And Mr MooQ – “Super Boom” – Single Review Well…at least we’ve got an anthem for the end of the world now. So…hmm…you know, I think I actually feel the slightest pangs of guilt for liking this song as much as I do.  What do you do when you come up against […]Read More

Milana Zilnik – Metamorfosi

Milana Zilnik – Metamorfosi – Album Review Let me tell ya folks…I put on a record like Metamorfosi by Milana Zilnik, and it’s the kind of album you’ll find me ecstatic about having access to long before it came out, you know what I mean?  I ain’t gonna lie to ya…the perks of a music […]Read More

First Fish In Space – “Incarnation Oh So Grand”

First Fish In Space – “Incarnation Oh So Grand” – Music Video Post Well…there you have it.  What’s it like to be incarnated?  Oh so grand apparently!  And who better to tell you about that than the First Fish In Space, am I right?  Check out this video below & see what you think! It’s […]Read More

Debris Discs – Post War Plans

Debris Discs – Post War Plans – Album Review Definitely an interesting project to learn about…it’s clear that solo-artist James Eary puts a lot of effort & thought into all that he does in Debris Discs, from the concepts driving the material, straight into the execution and finished tunes you’ll hear on Post War Plans.  […]Read More

Anjalts – “Are U Ok”

Anjalts – “Are U Ok” – Single Review Alrighty…we’ve got the Alternative sounds of Anjalts in the mix today, with a brand-new single called “Are U Ok” – let’s see what I can tell ya… At first glance, it seems as if she’s having her most productive year as an artist so far.  In the […]Read More

Les Fradkin – Reality – The Rock Opera

Les Fradkin – Reality – The Rock Opera – Album Review “Overture” – it seems as good a place to start as any, so why not jump right into this?  Y’all know the name by now, we’ve reviewed Les Fradkin’s music a hundred and fifty-six times this year, give or take a few.  He goes […]Read More

Central Pennsylvania Youth All-Star Band – “Baba O’Riley”

Central Pennsylvania Youth All-Star Band – “Baba O’Riley” – Single Review The kids are alright! Heck…it’s fair to say they’re much better than alright in the case of the Central Pennsylvania Youth All-Star Band – these kids straight-up ROCK! I’ll be real with ya…I didn’t know exactly what I was in-store for with this.  Considering […]Read More