Month: <span>July 2023</span>

Galliano Sommavilla – “When I Wake Up”

Galliano Sommavilla – “When I Wake Up” – Single Review “Why do we fall, Bruce?” And you super-fans all know how the rest of the story goes from there. I think a lot of creative-types and artists out there tend to get bent outta shape when they lose their mojo for a minute or two, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 173

Come join us for the first part of our video interview with Vancouver-based Indie/Folk band Stone Poets as we dig into the highlights of their career, details about their upcoming album “Human,” play ya some of their music through live performances, and have ourselves a great time in the process – and stick around for […]Read More

LAZORE – “Break Slowly”

LAZORE – “Break Slowly” – Single Review As many of you out there have read on these pages of ours so far this year, I’ve been diggin’ on what LAZORE has been coming up with.  Dude put out a solid debut EP, a couple of decent singles to follow soon after like “Wanted Man” & […]Read More

benj – as chaos ensues; I remain

benj – as chaos ensues; I remain – EP Review You gotta at least be as amused as I am about the thought of someone out there making time for the kind of punctuation like a semicolon, yet having clearly no use for capitalization.  That’s what we call interesting in the nerd world of writing…but […]Read More

JP Doyle – “At The End Of The Road” /

JP Doyle – “At The End Of The Road” / “One More Thing” – Singles Review JP’s moving quickly these days…and only he’s gonna be the person that knows exactly why that is.  I’m of the mind that as long as you’re not cheating yourself and the material in the music you’re making, go ahead […]Read More

Captain Highside – In Southern Cities

Captain Highside – In Southern Cities – EP Review I mean…if I was judging this record from the first impression you’ll get on the way in the door, I’d readily tell ya that you’re all about to be in-store for the best of Captain Highside that I’ve personally heard to-date.  “Sway” is a fantastic song […]Read More

Luke Brown – Impressions

Luke Brown – Impressions – EP Review “Written over a weekend, recorded in 3 hours.”  #WordUP #JustCreateYall #MakeMusic And that’s just the thing, ain’t it?  As many of you out there have heard from me over the years, we can spend our entire lives perfecting one song…at some point, you just gotta call it finished, […]Read More

VDX – VDX Musical Journey

VDX – VDX Musical Journey – Album Review + Bonus Track Interesting dude, interesting music. I was peppered with a series of great questions from VDX to answer while I’m over here having a listen.  Is the music relevant?  Would people listen?  Is the material cohesive?  Is there audible evolution within the music?  You know, […]Read More

Horizonte Lied – Memorias De Crónicas Futuras

Horizonte Lied – Memorias De Crónicas Futuras – Album Review It’s not too often that you’ll find me reviewing records that are twenty years old, unless it’s these guys.  Not only was Horizonte Lied’s Memorias De Crónicas Futuras released way back in 2003 originally, but you could make a healthy argument that at that point, […]Read More

Rick Irregular of Daftwerk

Interview with Rick Irregular of Daftwerk SBS:  The mind behind the music of Daftwerk!  Welcome to our tiny corner of the internet Rick, we’re stoked to have you with us brother-man.  Let’s get an introduction from ya and get everyone caught up to speed on who you are, where you’re coming from, a bit about […]Read More