Blue Soul Ten – Ten Percent

Blue Soul Ten – Ten Percent – Album Review Scheduled for release on September 13th, 2019, is a brand-new album from a project we KNOW we can rely on for quality tunes and immaculate instrumentation – Blue Soul Ten is back y’all.  I’ve chatted briefly with the man behind the music, Mr. Claye Greene, about […]Read More

Cass Clayton Band – Play Nice

Cass Clayton Band – Play Nice – Album Review I’m absolutely impressed with the amount of soul & skill combined throughout this record. You might not realize it from the quaint sounds of “Dawes County” as the album begins, but you’ll find a ton of versatile material throughout the length of Play Nice.  Don’t get […]Read More

Robert Abernathy – Take A Swing

Robert Abernathy – Take A Swing – Album Review Take A Swing? Robert Abernathy is more than just whiffing the bat, this dude consistently knocks out home-runs y’all. Officially being released on August 2nd this year, you wanna circle that date on your calendars – Take A Swing is a seriously magnificent record to listen […]Read More

The Crossing Crew – Love Is Like That

The Crossing Crew – Love Is Like That – Album Review Brilliant.  That’s the first impression anyhow; you can hear the inviting vibes of The Crossing Crew immediately on display as their new album Love Is Like That begins with the playfully sweet sounds of “We Two.”  According to the sites I’ve looked over on […]Read More

Ete AhPing – You Don’t Fit In But You Belong

Ete AhPing – You Don’t Fit In But You Belong – Album Review There are a great many things that’ll clue a regular music-review in as to whether or not they’re about to be in for something they enjoy whenever they push play on a brand-new record if you’re looking in the right places.  For […]Read More

Eric McGrath – Quests Of Inventive Warrior Phinasor

Eric McGrath – Quests Of Inventive Warrior Phinasor – Album Review It’s rare, but it can certainly happen – we’ve got a five-song full-album for ya here in review today.  According to the ol’ notes where it’s posted up online, this is Eric’s third solo record – and for only five tunes on it, you’ll […]Read More

Charles Ryan Davis – Four

Charles Ryan Davis – Four – Album Review The uniqueness in the music of Charles Ryan Davis is something you’ll notice right away when it comes to his new record Four.  As “Cymbal + Kick” started up, you can hear all kinds of telling elements in the music & songwriting that’ll tell ya you’re in […]Read More

Aretha Henry – Mrs. Jones

Aretha Henry – Mrs. Jones – Album Review I have this weird thing that I do every so often when switching from one style of music to another.  I fully believe that you have the best success in listening to something if you handle life like a mixtape that flows with some smoothness, you feel […]Read More

FZY – Act 2: Frozen Youth

FZY – Act 2: Frozen Youth – Album Review FZY…back up in the heezy for the second time in 2019zy y’all…let’s do this. It was just back in February this year that we experienced the furthering of this maniacal & mysterious man of words, on FZY’s last record The Bunny And The Cub.  As was […]Read More

Stephon Foster – BEWARE

Stephon Foster – BEWARE – Album Review So!  Let’s say this to start – congratulations to Stephon Foster! For those of you out there that have been following along with her journey towards her new album BEWARE by reading about it here on our pages or hearing about it on the SBS Podcast – you […]Read More