War Lullaby – We Fall

War Lullaby – We Fall – Album Review Thirteen tracks…not even a total of fourteen minutes in length…to be honest, there’s a very good chance it’ll take you longer to read this review than it would take you to listen to War Lullaby’s We Fall. Ahhh Grindcore.  You gotta love it, right?  Or…I mean…just don’t […]Read More

Fred Vanterra – Mythanien

Fred Vanterra – Mythanien – Album Review Chances are you remember this name…it was only earlier this month that I reviewed Fred Vanterra’s latest album called Waikiki Synth – and now, being a genuine fan of the man’s music, I’m heading back to the beginning where it all started, with his debut album called Mythanien […]Read More

Introspect – ROI

Introspect – ROI – Album Review Dig this guy’s perspective and skills without a doubt!  From the moment I pushed play and the “Intro” started jammin’ – I felt like ROI was going to reveal this Canadian artist in all-star form, backed up with the production of his homie Flipmode…it’s the return of Introspect, and […]Read More

Jill Benson – Reminiscence

Jill Benson – Reminiscence – Album Review Personally, I think one of the most incredible things we can ever witness in this lifetime is an artist with a natural connection to music.  You know the kind I’m talking about…those incredible people out there that write songs where you listen, and it’s like you know where […]Read More

Nate Jacobucci – Despair In A Cup

Nate Jacobucci – Despair In A Cup – Single Review I am very much starting to think that Nate Jacobucci makes as much music as I listen to, and that’s sayin’ something!  You know him, you love him…our zany Canadian friend from the east side…where is he based out of again…Manitoba, right?  Winnipeg?  Yeah!  That’s […]Read More

WRATH – Red Dragon

WRATH – Red Dragon – Album Review I know what you’re thinking.  You’re looking at the band’s name, and you’re like…well – what kind of music IS it, right?  Are we talking about Folk?  R&B?  Classical?  Alright, alright…you probably weren’t really wondering that, so much as you were assuming it was straight-up savage Metal – […]Read More

Fred Vanterra – Waikiki Synth

Fred Vanterra – Waikiki Synth – Album Review It’s almost too easy to picture Fred rocking the heck out in his living room with the synths blasting through the speakers all around him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he ends up in some kind of studio or whatever to make the finalized product you’re […]Read More

Fever Moon – The Long Chains Of Love

Fever Moon – The Long Chains Of Love – Album Review Man.  And I thought I had it good with the last Fever Moon record! Sometimes you just get that feeling, you know?  You listen to a song like “Holiday Hill” that starts up The Long Chains Of Love, and it’s like your whole soul […]Read More

Ahmen – Per Aspera Ad Astra

Ahmen – Per Aspera Ad Astra – Album Review You know…if I didn’t know for a complete FACT that Ahmen is out there in this world, talkin’ the truth to anyone/everyone that’ll listen, each and every day…then I’d probably be like YO…it’s been a significant amount of time since we last had a new record […]Read More

Kat Bryan – Music For The End Of The World

Kat Bryan – Music For The End Of The World – Album Review Word!  From right here in our own backyard you say?  Sign me up! While I’m usually only half-aware of where the music I’m listening to is coming from…I instantly noticed the Canadian-spelling of “Centre” from Kat’s advance single “Centre Of The Earth” […]Read More