Syne – “Midas”

 Syne – “Midas”

Syne – “Midas” – Single Review

What have I been tellin’ ya lately people?  For whatever reason, there really is something in the air right now when it comes to this point in the year for the independent music-scene – just absolutely spectacular tunes flowing the speakers, talked about in print here on our pages, and of course on our shows SBS Live This Week & the SBS Podcast…just seems like I can’t go wrong right now.  What an awesome issue to have right?  Too much great music?  Too many excellent videos?  Certainly all good with me – I can never get enough & I know you fine people reading this feel the exact same way.  So guess WHAT?  That’s right – I’ve got some more epic awesomeness in-store for ya, courtesy of Syne.

Pun intended – this is GOLD.

Quite honestly I’m 100% wowed by this effort from Syne.  Not only do I think the song is excellent, but the video that comes along with his new single “Midas” is beyond well-thought out – this is how you truly pair a visual concept with an audible theme, spot-on, as well as can possibly be done.  To say I’m impressed by this wouldn’t even come close to doing this audio/video combination the justice it deserves…so tell ya what…I’m just gonna keep on ranting & raving about this for a minute or two, so buckle UP dear readers, dear friends – I’ve got more to say.  Surprise right?  I’ll fill ya in on some more of what I think right now – but if ya want more on Syne, make sure to tune into the next fantastic episode of the SBS Podcast and you’ll be able to hear more of my thoughts on this artist on the upcoming show.

There’s SO MUCH to unpack here…where to start?  First thing that’s probably good for you to know is that Syne put this song out “in honor of Earth Day” – and that’s certainly a factor here when it comes to understanding the core of the concept here.  I LOVE IT when songs show up at just the right time – some of you regular readers know I’ve been kicking around the question of ‘how much is enough’ when it comes to what people need financially…to which my personal answer is just enough to make ya happy.  That’s really all there is to it…I ain’t sayin’ don’t save for a rainy day & all…I’m just saying that when you really examine what it takes to make YOU happy personally, you’ll likely find it really don’t cost ya much.  Moderation matters though homies…because like Syne is essentially pointing out here on “Midas” – if we’re not paying attention to what our own wants, desires, & needs can do to the planet…well…that’s a move that is much more costly for sure – that’s a move that could theoretically cost us ALL, everything.

Syne couldn’t have picked a more perfect metaphor to work this concept around than the legend of King Midas and his golden touch…pointing out through the video that, while it might seem like an enormous blessing at first, could become an ongoing tragedy in the making if this power isn’t used properly.  I won’t give TOO much away for ya – make sure to watch that video up top for yourself – but suffice it to say, Syne isn’t necessarily glued to the happy side of this scenario – “Midas” is much more down to earth, recognizing that certain things need to be pointed out for our collective awareness & social consciousness to expand & start taking more responsibility for our actions.  And in the end…at least video-wise…it’ll finish on a significant down-note that drives the main points home perfectly, artistically, and in a genuinely entertaining & downright captivating display of heart & emotion in this animated experience.  So while you might get to the last moments & even potentially shed a tear or two depending on your level of empathy – you might also be shedding those drops for the straight-up joyous celebration of watching & listening to what it sounds like when everything comes together as it should.  “Midas” might have a mellow, mild, & often melancholy disposition…but make no mistake – this is REAL – this is based on an issue we should all be fighting for…because everything that glitters, isn’t always gold.  Syne’s written an incredible tune that reminds us about what’s important – and combined with the amazing video put together by the team at All4Band Studio…this is a single that should be noticed.

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