SBS Live This Week 104

 SBS Live This Week 104

Rappin’ it up y’all – it’s Christmastime!
We’ll take you through a ton of the vids we’ve been promoting this year & some classics from the past in the mix as well – PLUS, we got a spotlight on 00Guwap and his debut cut for ya – a killer vid to come with it too, “00G (Intro)” – be ready for it!  We’ll let the independent scene Rap it up tight for ya & give you something to bump instead of some tired-ass Xmas music this holiday season.  Enjoy!

Show lineup includes:

B Bless & Gipht – “Slow Flow”

Chaz Ultra – “Good Day In NE”

illabit – “Magic”

MC² – “No Substitute”

Wyz Propane – “Timeless”

00Guwap – “00G (Intro)”

DiMi Marc – “Good Times”

Trips DaDon – “Don’t Cry For Me”

Timothy Dark – “The Future”

Moncler Mellz – “Press It Up”


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