JUSHAUN – “Bank Account (Remix)”

 JUSHAUN – “Bank Account (Remix)”

A lot of emcees got no heat.

Let’s just say that rapper JUSHAUN is not one of those emcees that has any kind of issues with the thermostat – this guy SCORCHES the mic on the bars of his new cut “Bank Account (Remix),” released officially on Christmas of this year.  So if Santa missed something for your stereos – seriously, check out JUSHAUN – right from the drop the flow don’t quit and it’s definitely one of the more exciting sounds you’ll find in rap/hip-hop this year.  You can tell a dedicated wordsmith when you hear one…same goes for the sound of a born entertainer…JUSHAUN is both, no doubt about it.

Find out more about the man and check out what JUSHAUN is up to at his official homepage:  https://www.jushaun.com/



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