December Fades – “Waiting” / “Save The World”

December Fades – “Waiting” / “Save The World” – Singles Review “Please mention that I’ll have a music video dropping very soon.” Copy that, and consider it done!  Never the thing you wanna ask me though, I tend to make it weird. Alrighty…so…now that the to-do list is all checked off…let’s see where we’re at.  […]Read More

Neon Radiation – “Waiting”

Neon Radiation – “Waiting” – Single Review Neon Radiation is always welcome in these speakers of ours.  Been awesome to have’em back in action and thriving again in 2019 with a whole bunch of brand-new tunes for us – the first of which, called “Intoxicated,” we just reviewed a few days or so ago with […]Read More