Best New Sound 2021 Nomination – Day 10: Polyphonic Exophilia

Our annual quest for the best returns! Posted in randomized order, our top ten nominations for the SBS Best New Sound of 2021 will be revealed on our pages from Dec. 6th – 15th! Join us in congratulating our official nomination of day 10 – Polyphonic Exophilia! Much like the first band that started this […]Read More

Polyphonic Exophilia – Vol. 3

Polyphonic Exophilia – Vol. 3 – EP Review If you’ve been anywhere within earshot of me or my speakers here in the studio since about…oh say, August this year…you’ve definitely heard the music of Polyphonic Exophilia and a whole lot about what I’ve had to say regarding this unique Norway-based audio awesomeness.  Of all the […]Read More