Vladrumetz – “Felt Alone”

If you remember Vladrumetz from his appearance on our show SBS Live This Week – you’ll know he’s got a gift for finding his way into the music, really feeling the moment, and finding compelling ways to deliver his vocals.  Even if he’s doing it all solo, as he is on the heartbreaking new single, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 058

Join us for Part II of our interview with Vladrumetz of Germany! It’s another solid world-wide episode with music, artists, videos & bands representing from Sweden, Germany, the UK, USA and Canada all in one! Check out music from Aztec live from the SBS Studio in 2015, a live performance from Vladrumetz from his home-base, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 057

STOKED for the show this week!  Part I of a two-part episode with solo-artist Oliver Hansert, aka Vladrumetz when it comes to making music – and he’s all the way out in Germany taking part in what becomes the most fun I can have in a day, which is communicating and collaborating with artists not […]Read More