Vladrumetz – “Felt Alone”

 Vladrumetz – “Felt Alone”

If you remember Vladrumetz from his appearance on our show SBS Live This Week – you’ll know he’s got a gift for finding his way into the music, really feeling the moment, and finding compelling ways to deliver his vocals.  Even if he’s doing it all solo, as he is on the heartbreaking new single, “Felt Alone” – the man is always up for a challenge – and he’s a fantastic communicator when it comes to the expression & emotion he puts into his music.  Have a listen to his brand-new single and a look at the stunning scenery surrounding him in the video as he searches his soul for answers & questions love on “Felt Alone” by clicking below!

Listen to more music by Vladrumetz at Soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/vladrumetz

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