November Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Back with another chapter of the most ignored project on the internet today – the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles! What can we say?  With such underwhelming results, we’re only more encouraged to keep on going.  Because we don’t mind loving your music, even if you don’t!  Which…yikes…from the numbers…is clearly how y’all feel.  […]Read More

SBS Podcast 025

I take on your questions once again!  Heavier mix of music in the lineup – check out songs from Against Time, Fey, The Liquid C, Vaulty, Violet Cold, Amarelle, Paragon Theorem, Shobocon and Throttlecaster & learn about the music of Omar Bowing and hear the new single “Sonus Republic.”   Your official lineup of songs […]Read More

Violet Cold – Desperate Dreams

Violet Cold – Desperate Dreams – Album Review Listening to the intro to Violet Cold’s “Intro: Lonely Universe” sets you up for something truly unique right away. I was listening to the album for the first time late at night…and the forlorn-tones and desolate atmosphere of the beautiful melody in this intro made for one […]Read More