Jo Potter – Tonight

Jo Potter – Tonight – Album Review How am I this consistently behind the rest of the world these days?  Back in 2017, when I first reviewed Jo Potter’s music on her album Saved, that record had already been out for NINE YEARS!  And here I am doing it all over again…I’m here busy listening […]Read More

Pure Nonsense – Tonight

Pure Nonsense – Tonight – Album Review “Cut the lights and start the show!”  #Yessir  #WillDo Moments like this blow my mind, even now.  As a guy that has spent more than half his life embedded in the music scene, and nearly a full ten years on these pages of ours now – you run […]Read More

Malinsky – “Tonight”

With a sincere approach to Pop/Electro/Soul – artist Malinsky puts his heart, emotions and feelings on the line in the new single “Tonight.”  Complete with a video where the visuals match the intentions, ambitions and sentiment of the lyricism – you’ll see things are working out for the best for Malinsky from life to love […]Read More

The Grind Theory – “Heartbeat,” “Kissing You,” “Tonight”

The Grind Theory – “Heartbeat,” “Kissing You” & “Tonight” – Singles Reviewed New single from The Grind Theory, the third to be exact but first time on our pages here; “Heartbeat” pulses along with innovative and creative electro backing a strong vocal performance and overall catchy groove that certainly warrants a listening from both of […]Read More