Blacksmoke – “Take Off” Feat. Boosie BadAzz & Legendary ZaE

“Taking off like a rocket!”  #truth homies. Blacksmoke sets the vibe in the club with “Take Off” featuring Boosie BadAzz & Legendary ZaE on a seriously charismatic cut that puts wild personality and professional control on the m-i-c for all to witness.  I mean…they found the right place for this cut to find a new […]Read More

JWherry – “Take Off”

Check this out…you get an entire list of the talents that JWherry has before the music even begins!  This young mogul & emcee is clearly taking over in all areas both inside & outside of the music…dude’s climbing the charts of LIFE, know what I mean?  Solid rapper too – after a quick interview and […]Read More