JWherry – “Take Off”

 JWherry – “Take Off”

Check this out…you get an entire list of the talents that JWherry has before the music even begins!  This young mogul & emcee is clearly taking over in all areas both inside & outside of the music…dude’s climbing the charts of LIFE, know what I mean?  Solid rapper too – after a quick interview and introduction to what JWherry is all about, you get a dose of what he’s capable of on the mic as he flows over the bars and beats of his latest single “Take Off.”  He’s on his way to big things…take a listen & look at the video to find out what JWherry’s got goin’ on; he ‘raps like this and stacks like that’ and he’s stocked full of talent & rhymes.

Find more music & videos by JWherry at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCInv_sfOVsz9OTnpBBhq8Q

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